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Fire in The Field – ‘RESURRECT’

  • 2 min read

Boston’s Fire in the Field have always known how to make an impression. Armed with a ferocious sound that marries driven rock ‘n’ rolls anthems with an unrelenting punk spirit, the band first took to the music scene in 2017 with the release of their debut record ‘War Bonnet’, a titanic slice of endorphin-releasing, guitar-driven sounds that announced the band in perfect form. Written, recorded and produced solely by the band, ‘War Bonnet’ took Boston’s local scene by storm, setting fire to the airwaves and earmarking Fire in The Field as the dark saviours of modern rock.

Following ‘War Bonnet’, the band continued to carve their own unique path through the industry, layering dark themes and frenzied guitar-driven riffs on singles like ‘Jimmy Rover’, and earning some well-deserved acclaim, but now they’re ready to sign off on the next chapter of their fast-building legacy with the release of their sophomore album, ‘RESURRECT’.

A ten-track collection that hits with the same sense of power and immediacy as their debut, ‘RESURRECT’ is a bold and brilliant melting pot of sounds, styles, and emotions, exploring every possible facet of classic rock, while also slipping in some truly modern surprises. Hitting hard with opening cut ‘Shadow Way’, Fire in the Field waste no time proving that they’re the real deal, pushing the envelope with a sonic display of howling vocals, thunderous drums, and absolutely unassailable guitar licks. In your face from the very first note, ‘Shadow Way’ encapsulates everything you need to know about the band, and as the album progresses, the band keep piling on more and more high-voltage anthems that will impress even the most stoic of audiences.

Elsewhere, tracks like ‘Pump’, ‘Bossman’ and the titles track carry on the wild, caustic tones, blending some funk vibes and enduring blues sounds with plenty of rock ‘n’ roll swagger, while ‘Scandalous Lightning’ and ‘Start Again’ show that behind the soaring electric sounds lie beating hearts and pure souls. Two of the many highlights, ‘Walked On Water’ and ‘Egyptian Jukebox deliver some absolutely unforgettable performances, ringing with echoes of The White Stripes, Drenge, and Royal Blood, pushing Fire in The Field to the very forefront of modern rock.

Packed with old-school passion, youthful energy, and plenty of fire, ‘RESURRECT’ is a rare and unstoppable release that perfectly highlights Fire in The Field’s talents. Filled with sharp melodies, killer rock riffs, enduring drumbeats, and lyrics that cut you to the quick, it’s a release that exudes confidence and absolutely refuses to quit. Easily one of the most impressive and infectious rock albums of the year, ‘RESURRECT’ is proof that Fire in the Field are the next chapter in rock ‘n’ roll.

Score: 8.5/10

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