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For My Truth – ‘Setting the Break’

  • 2 min read

An enigmatic supergroup that have formed from the ruins of Purge, This Life In Ruins, War Generation, Eventide, and more, For My Truth have become champions in a new wave of hardcore sounds. A brash and uncompromising project For My Truth launched themselves upon an unprepared and embattled world back in August with the release of ‘Setting the Break’, a visceral debut EP that has carved another a heavy line down the twisted face of modern punk.

A five-track EP that was self-released by the band, ‘Setting the Break’ was written, recorded and produced by Angus Van K and brought to life by the vocals and lyrics of Cyrus Keefer, creating one of this year’s most unforgettable releases, as well as a dynamic slice of fast-paced and fiercely original punk.

An authentic and uncompromising piece, the EP delivers a bold mix of high intensity sounds designed to create a better mindset for those having a hard time during isolation. Begining with an eponymous opener, it quickly lashes out with a caustic layering of hard-hitting percussion, free-flowing distortion, and apex power chords. Its loud, fast, and unyielding, offering versatile vocals and a quick immersive sound that harks back to the glory days of the punk rock scene.

Clinging to the animalistic sounds and poetic meanings, second cut ‘Setting the Break’ hits hard with a memorable riff and chaotic, melodic sound that is perfectly placed and purpose-built to satisfy. It’s a strong launching pad for third cut ‘A Hard Life’, one of the EP’s more lyrically compelling and structured songs that prove For My Truth’s songwriting abilities. Its emotive, relatable, and slightly off-kilter, bringing authenticity and humanity into the fold. In the closing shades of the EP, ‘Life or Liberty’ shines with an undercurrent of mainstream appeal and more overt, intoxicating sounds. It’s delicate, engaging, and utterly unforgettable, ensuring that For My Truth have a genuine, chart-topping hit amongst the punk-infused, musical melee.

A closing track to remember, ‘I’m Still Here’ brings the EP to one of the most satisfying and impressive closes of any release this year, shaking off the underground punk aesthetic and diving into deeply personal sounds. Filled with reflective songwriting and immersive, melodic sounds, it’s a song that shows fragility and vulnerability, offering a brilliant contrast to the early aggression of the EP.

A resounding debut release, ‘Setting the Break’ lies in a fading world where music can be hard-hitting and impactful, but still shine with authenticity and realness, offering not only entertainment, but also an open hand for anyone who needs it.

You can stream ‘Setting the Break’ today on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Score: 8.5/10

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