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Gemïny – ‘Hesitation’

  • 2 min read

After the phenomenal reception from his sophomore single, ‘Too Close’, the Columbia, USA-hailing soul-pop luminary, Gemïny, is back with his triumphant and soul-heavy third cut, ‘Hesitation’. Delivering a gorgeous neo-pop sound that lilts and turns around a buoyant central melody, it’s Gemïny at his most enchanting.

Taken from his forthcoming debut LP, ‘Hesitation’ is a wonderfully colourful and undeniably melodic “indie-rock-goes-funk-pop” track that sees wanton hedonism blending seamlessly with rousing, cut-throat lyrics. Bringing his typical rockstar magnetism to the mix, Gemïny exhibits a far more visceral side than we’ve heard before, pushing boundaries and uncovering a far more versatile sound.

In vibrant form, ‘Hesitation’ hits with a driving funk-pop rhythm and colourful backing, drawing you in with a pulsating rhythm and bold, pulsating beats that find a unique balance amongst Gemïny’s soulful vocals. Lyrically, the song is just as engaging and chaotic, adding form to a world of lust and desire, one where Gemïny connects the words with stark meaning and heartfelt integrity.

Speaking openly about the new single, Gemïny explained, “After the heavier content in my previous two releases, with Hesitation, I used a lighter narrative. It speaks to everyone that has done crazy things for a crush (if you haven’t, please keep it to yourself, the thought helps me sleep at night). It draws from when I uncharacteristically got into a fight at a house party over a girl. I’m extremely prideful, but there I was, a twelve-shots-in freshman, breaking walls and smashing tables. A bad look overall, but it encapsulates the essence of hesitation. The juvenile way you impress a crush in grade school; that conflicting mix of excitement and fear that reeks of teen spirit?”

A brilliant and wonderfully off-kilter single, ‘Hesitation’ builds on a dynamic fusion between the kaleidoscopic melody and powerful vocals, allowing Gemïny to dive into the overwhelming and conflicting emotions of star-crossed lovers.

Score: 8/10

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