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Glass Lord – ‘Santorini’

  • 2 min read

A talented and wonderfully unique artist based in the creative heart of Los Angeles, Glass Lord has become one of the most highly anticipated artists of the last few months, laying down a vibrant blend of electronic sounds that have shine with a polished pop infusion. Just a few months ago, we were singing Glass Lord’s praises when he shared the brilliant ‘Moonlight’, but today, he’s taken things a step further, surprising us all with the release of new cut, ‘Santorini’.

In the past, we’ve become accustomed to Glass Lord revelling in layered EDM sounds, pushing pop aesthetics and more rampant R&B tones, but on ‘Santorini’, he’s found new creative space, pushing his sound into lighter, tropical regions that are free, bathed in sunlight, and wonderfully refreshing.

A song that instantly conjures up dreams of hot nights and gorgeous sunsets, music pumping and moments of absolute freedom. Described as a “tropical house song”, ‘Santorini’ is Glass Lord at his most polished and compelling, creating a glistening musical piece that is every bit as enchanting as the island itself. Filled with pulsating beats, swirling synths, and a wonderfully upbeat jazz-infusion, the single a beautiful moment caught in time and played on repeat.

Speaking about the new single, Glass Lord explained, “[its] a song about escaping everyday life and sailing to a beautiful island full of incredible parties and amazing culture. It's a song of enjoying life and making the most of every second.”

A vibrant new cut that sees Glass Lord not only continuing to impress, but also continuing to experiment, ‘Santorini’ is a fresh, fun, and utterly enjoyable, making it a perfect introduction to his ever-evolving style and sound.

Score: 8/10

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