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GR4VTY – ‘Daylight’

  • 2 min read

An innovative producer based in Belgium’s bustling creative heart, GR4VTY has made his mark by blending a vibrant array of electronic sounds into a fiercely original style. Built around the aim of bringing joy to people’s lives, his music defies the traditional melancholic chords and cheesy romantic sounds that often fill contemporary electronica and instead looks to find new evocative spaces. After falling in love with electronic music early in his career, GR4VTY has spent the last few years refining his sound and balancing 80s synthwave with dance anthemics and a healthy dose of contemporary trance energy.

While GR4VTY has been kicking around the independent scene for a few years now, amassing an impressive arsenal of hits, it’s his latest single that has really grabbed our attention, breaking free of the European airwaves and travelling around the globe with a bright, surrealist sound. Titled ‘Daylight’, the new single was inspired by the feelings of isolation that accompanied the recent pandemic, acting as a quickfire shot of bright, uplifting vibes that will help lift even the most stubborn of depressions.

Set to a wonderfully optimistic sound that reflects GR4VTY’s desire to travel and see the world, ‘Daylight’ shines with an intricate weave of clever chord structures and progressive arrangements. Musically, it’s a passionate reflection of his abilities, offering a unique and unparalleled listening experience, one that breaks through the grey every day and flickers with a joyful sense of nostalgia. The energy of the piece is arguably the most impressive part, and it dances around you with nuanced, rhythmic arrangements and a mesmerising sense of self, one that slowly eclipses all other moods and sensations, until eventually, all you can feel is the music.

Available now on Spotify and most major platforms, ‘Daylight’ is arguably one of the GR4VTY’s finest pieces, and if he can keep creating songs that shine with the same unbridled creativity and undeniable passion, he’ll be a fixture of the music industry for years to come.

A song that intimately portrays GR4VTY’s desires and the universal want to get back to simpler times, ‘Daylight’ is fittingly bright and impossible to ignore, making it an essential new release for all fans of electronic sounds.

Score: 8/10

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