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Graffiti Welfare – ‘Revolving Shores’

  • 2 min read

An Austin-born, Denver-based artist and producer signed to indie Italian label MilleVille Music, Graffiti Welfare has just released their gravity-defying and wonderfully meditative debut album, and it’s absolutely brilliant. Titled ‘Revolving Shores’, the new record follows his acclaimed EP, ‘Into the Soul of Space’, delivering a unique blend of polished production, relaxing energy, and gentle, experimental vibes.

From the very beginning, ‘Revolving Shores’ gently eases you into the gentle narrative through the minimalist melodic opener of ‘To Be It’, a stark neo-classical release that unfolds with gentle atmospherics and subtle, modern harmonies. From there, ‘Just Follow’ reflects a shifting feeling of unease, unravelling before you with no fixed direction or sound. Elsewhere, highlights such as ‘Volume’ and ‘Nothing Ever Changes’ deliver calming tones and crisp instrumentation, completing a fantastic album with guanine experiences and heartfelt soundscapes.

Speaking about the new album, Graffiti Welfare explained, “’Revolving Shores’ grew out of the feeling of helplessness as my childhood faded and grandparents passed away while I was coping with coming-of-age anxiety. By day, I was trying to finish my thesis and escape the clutches of graduate school with my sanity intact. By night, I was trying to make sense of it all by recording something sincere, unique and tangible. Each track layers a lucid perspective onto the last, guiding a quiet meditation towards the unknown, before returning to waking life. Rinse, float, repeat – cause who knows where you will wake up next?’’

One of the more creative releases of the last few months, ‘Revolving Shores’ hits with a nuanced stream of splendidly created soundscapes that will have you effortlessly entranced.

You can stream the new record on Spotify above, where you can soak in its vivid expression, remarkable craftsmanship and melodic sounds. For more from Graffiti Welfare, make sure you check out his social media pages below.

Score: 8/10

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