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Guilherme Wolf – ‘Julias’

  • 2 min read

A Brazilian indie artist who personifies the DIY rock sound that we’ve all come to adore, Guilherme Wolf has spent the last few years releasing some of the best singles this side of the equator. A charming presence and talented lo-fi artist, Guilherme has previously embraced his sound with singles, collaborations, and releases such as ‘Hugo Torras’, ‘No More Clouds’, and ‘Radio’, but today, he’s taken things a step further, unleashing his indie-punk fuelled new track, Julias’.

Styled as an “indie punk lo-fi song in Icelandic”, ‘Julias’ is arguably Guilherme’s most ambitious release to date, channelling new languages with subtle, overarching inspirations such as George Orwell’s ‘1984’ and the infamous ‘Hellraiser’ series. Musically, it’s a shifting scale that ranges from dark, aggressive sounds to more triumphant, often abrasive moments, but through it all, it’s Guilherme’s dense vocals and mystifying lyrics that will keep you entranced.

A singe that wastes little time in announcing itself, ‘Julias’ is a musical juggernaut that builds momentum in an instant, hitting hard with a wall of snarling, DIY sounds. Guitars flail and cry out, drums his with a deafening force, and somewhere beneath it all, a broken melody forms, piecing itself together from fracture musical moments that will stitch themselves to your very soul. Balancing on the rough edge between overwhelming and perfectly controlled, ‘Julias’ is relentless in its style, building an unassailable sound that Guilherme revels in, chanting and singing his Icelandic verse beneath the crashing waves.

An unexpected but completely welcome release, ‘Julias’ is a brash and brutal introduction to the world of Guilherme Wolf. Check it out below via Spotify, or head over to Bandcamp where it’s been released by Melbourne’s own Mint Jelly Records.

While more brazen and abrupt than some of his previous singles, ‘Julias’ is still a true Guilherme Wolf release, and through it, he’s created a sense of dense raw sounds and punk spirit like no one else can. Check it out today, and be sure to follow him on Spotify, Instagram, and Facebook for more.

Score: 8/10

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