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Hazeline Taffe – ‘True Friend’

  • 1 min read

While some artists are driven to create music for fame and fortune, or simply for fun, Hazeline Taffe creates her songs to cope with sorrow, endure tragedy, and hopefully, inspire others. A talented artist, Hazeline was moved to write music after a period of tremendous loss and hardship involving the loss of her child and the diagnosis of her mother with cancer. A pivotal time in her life, these years inspired her to write songs around the theme of hope for change in society, whether it is spiritual, social, economic, or political.

The result of this mission is ‘True Friend’, a relaxing, deeply evocative single that embodies hope for a new life. It’s a song the clings to a single, powerful idea, that when everything seems lost, a true friend can bring you from the sadness, disparities, and pain and help you start again.

Emotive and wonderfully reflective, ‘True Friend’ offers a gentle flow of heartfelt sounds and smooth, visceral tones that ebb and flow beneath Hazeline’s delicate verse. With an undeniable warmth, ‘True Friend’ charms the listener with its human moments, while tenderly extending a hand of support through intricate bars and an intoxicating hook.

Easily one of the most touching and instantly evocative releases of 2019, ‘True Friend’ strikes a fine balance between deeply personal moments and universal appeal, creating a subtle soundscape that will linger well beyond its five-minute runtime.

A touching dedication to close friends and the enduring power of their companionship, ‘True Friend’ is a wonderful new release from Hazeline that truly deserves to be heard.

Score: 7/10

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