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Heavy AmericA – ‘Call You Tomorrow’

  • 2 min read

A hugely talented trio who have become inimitable champions of Boston’s hard rock scene, Heavy AmericA have continued to set the world on fire with the release of another fierce and cataclysmic single ‘Call You Tomorrow’.

After tearing a hole in the mainstream scene with releases like ‘Crushed’ and ‘Tails’, the band of Michael T. Seguin, Budd Lapham, and Dan Fried have remained one of Boston’s most impressive acts, winning over fans and critics alike with a bold, textured sound that takes lead from a broad selection of styles. Amid the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Heavy AmericA showcased their more vulnerable side, tackling depression and isolation head-on in their music, and now, as ‘Call You Tomorrow’ surfaces, they’ve been able to masterfully expand on the more nuanced, expressive side of their caustic rock sound.

Setting an immediate tone with a thunderous drum line and plenty of crashing guitars, ‘Call You Tomorrow’ breaks down into a dark spiral of hard rock anthemics, echoing visceral ‘90s sounds and grunge aesthetics that conjure up comparisons to legendary bands like The Stooges, Nirvana, and Guns N’ Roses. Wielding a brash, passionate sound that hits hard and drags you under in an instance, the single bridges the gap between stark human moments and wild, untameable energy, offering a unique perspective that only Heavy AmericA can deliver.

Lyrically, there’s plenty on offer, and vocalist Michael T. Seguin does an excellent job in putting the beating heart of the track front and centre, crying out with lines that speak of our day-to-day struggles. Lines like “Would it be okay if you came back tomorrow, today is not the day. I got some things to fix” and “you see it’s not okay when everyday feels like shit” linger perfectly, setting the stage while the instrumentals crash down around you in a perfect cacophony of sound.

Recorded at Room 19 Studio who call the track a “vicious single”, ‘Call You Tomorrow’ is a heavy wash of hard rock sounds mixed perfectly with bold, sweeping lyrics, and a vulnerable underpinning that elevates it above most of the modern rock scene.

You can listen to the new single above alongside the official music video, or head over to the band’s official Bandcamp page where you can purchase the track for just $1 USD.

Score: 8/10

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