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Holy Holy - 'Cellophane'

  • 2 min read

Holy Holy, one of Australia's most beloved musical acts, have just dropped their fifth studio album, 'Cellophane', a shimmering release that sees the band shedding inhibitions and embracing a free collaborative spirit.

After successfully teasing the album's release with some truly mesmerising singles featuring rapper Kwame and Tasmanian's Sumner, the talented duo of Timothy Carroll and Oscar Dawson have shared the completed work, delivering a masterclass in dance-fueled soundscapes and dynamic threads of pop, dance, drum and bass and 80's synth.

In the run up to the release of 'Cellophane' Holy Holy had spoken about their collaborative approach on the album, and in true form, 'Cellophane' boasts an impressive roster of artists from around the globe. Shining a light on Medhanit, Tasman Keith, Darcie Haven, Kwame, Tia Carys, Sumner and Many Voices Speak, the band have created a perfect balance between sounds and styles, allowing each artist to step into Holy Holy's world and share the space.

While the band had dabbled with more collaborative releases in 2021's 'Hello My Beautiful World', the new album sees them fully embracing the space, delivering a slew of intoxicating releases that shines with individuality, while never failing to retain Holy Holy's rhythmic signature sound. It's difficult to pick a standout release, with every song adding it's own special twist to the album as a whole, pushing you forward and drawing you in relentlessly. 

Magically, Timothy Carroll's vocals transition seamlessly between tracks on 'Cellophane', perfectly accompany each collaborators, resulting in a cohesive marriage of voices that is constantly shifting, but never out of place. A refreshing re-introduction to the band, 'Cellophane' reminds you of just how vital and enjoyable Holy Holy are.

An energetic rush of sounds, styles, and open creative worlds, 'Cellophane' is easily Holy Holy's most dynamic album in years, and a strong contender for one of the best albums of 2023.

Score: 9/10

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