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House of Weirdos – ‘Big Fat Spider Lady’

  • 2 min read

We get hundreds of submissions each week, but few have caught our attention quite like House of Weirdos and ‘Big Fat Spider Lady’ did. While we might not know much about the House of Weirdos, the four-piece of Tom Pressano, Apollo, Dan Gamma, and Bobby Fonti have certainly been having fun cooking up their own strange creative space. After releasing a string of quirky, horror-themed videos over the past four years, the band have shifted from a chaotic, fringe-based group to a unique rock act capable of garnering a loyal cult following.

Revelling in simple, no-frills rock ‘n’ roll sound, ‘Big Fat Spider Lady’ is the perfect illustration of the band’s creative vision, delivering an unforgettable and wonderfully cheesy B-grade adventure that will have you shouting for more. Released only a few months ago, the single follows the six-minute story of three brothers from the Bronx and their encounter with the Big Fat Spider Lady.

Starting with the simple act of washing a spider down a drain, the song develops into a dark, shifting, atmospheric epic, lashing out with a relentless bassline, quirky drops of electronic sound, and snarling vocals that shine through some truly impressive licks. A slice of golden age rock that has been twisted over an enduring blues sounds and waves of psychedelic distortion, ‘Big Fat Spider Lady’ is a surprisingly impressive release, one that pulls no punches and fires on all cylinders.

Rough cut and undeniably fun, ‘Big Fat Spider Lady’ and its accompanying video could easily be enjoyed for the novelty alone, but thankfully, Tom, Apollo, Dan, and Bobby have been able to back it all up with some seriously entertaining sounds.

Proving that it’s the B grade films that are always the most fun to watch, ‘Big Fat Spider Lady’ is a perfect example of DIY done right, and if they can keep producing songs and videos this good, they’ll soon be some of YouTube’s biggest stars.

Tune into ‘Big Fat Spider Lady’ above and be sure to check out their YouTube channel for more home-grown horror epics.

Score: 7.5/10

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