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House of Weirdos – ‘Happy Hour’

  • 2 min read

One of the most unique rock bands around, House of Weirdos have been blending old school rock with their own tongue-in-cheek style to create an utterly original sound. Made up of lifelong friends who are influenced by everything from Abbott and Costello to Pink Floyd, House of Weirdos have spent the last few years delivering tracks like ‘Climbing Up The Walls’, ‘Superman Museum’, and the unforgettable ‘Big Fat Spider Lady’. Today though, we’ve found the band in a celebratory mood, unleashing their latest track in honour of COVID-19 restrictions being lifted in the US.

Titled ‘Happy Hour’, the new track is an undeniably fun piece that sees the band celebrating in style, taking to their local pub and raising a glass or two to regaining some freedoms. Built on the talents of Tom Pressano, Dan Gamma, and Mary Knap, ‘Happy Hour’ is another slice of pure rock anthemics like only House of Weirdos can produce.

Armed with a heavy mix of acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, thunderous drums, and some unexpected, but strangely perfect accordion notes, ‘Happy Hour’ is a raucous ode to the weekend and cracking open a cold one with your friends. In true form though, the song shines with House of Weirdos unique sense of style, hitting hard with sing-along lines, upbeat choruses, and plenty of twists, turns, and unashamedly fun moments.

You can tune in to ‘Happy Hour’ below, alongside the fun-filled music video that features the band and a colourful cast of characters blowing off some steam.

Proof that modern rock can still be fun, ‘Happy Hour’ is everything we’ve come to expect from House of Weirdos, reminding us all of just how enjoyable the scene can be. Tune in to the new single above, and be sure to turn it up loud, open a beer, and celebrate with your friends.  

Score: 7/10

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