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House of Weirdos – ‘Help Me Doctor, Please’

  • 2 min read

For fans of our platform, the name House of Weirdos should almost automatically start ringing some bells. One of the most unique and undeniably fun bands around, the four-piece of Tom Pressano, Dan Gamma, Bobby Fonti and Apollo have had more adventures than most, taking on big, fat, spider ladies, leading tributes to Superman museums, and hitting the pub after lockdown, but today, we find them in a different mood altogether, delivering some sixties sounds and calling out, ‘Help Me Doctor, Please’.

While the band have become synonymous with tongue-in-cheek rock anthems, their new single takes things to a whole new level. Armed with rip-roaring guitar chords that highlights the band’s rustic sound, ‘Help Me Doctor, Please’ is surprisingly disarming, laying down rolling instrumentals and bold, accessible choruses that everyone can enjoy.

At the core, Pressano continues to deliver some impressive vocals, balancing his classic rock’n’roll vibes with lightness and charm, adding some gorgeous soul to the song, while the rest of the band hold up their end perfectly, laying down a brilliant sound that shakes with old school Americana. Combining all the band’s influences from Abbott and Costello to Pink Floyd, there’s plenty of power behind ‘Help Me Doctor, Please’, and Pressano’s lyrics speak volumes, but the real magic is in how the band balance it all, never overstepping or straying too far from centre, and always staying true to their wonderfully authentic sound.

Alongside the new single, the band have also revealed another enjoyable video that brings sees the frontman Tom Pressano running around in a straitjacket, while the band jam out in lab coats throughout. The video also features some stunning special guests in Andrea Palesh and Jazmine Raye Curie of Guilty Pleasures Cabaret, and Mark Gamma as Doctor Magkneetoe.

Another fun-filled romp from one of New York’s brightest and most light-hearted bands, ‘Help Me Doctor, Please’ is a sharp reminder of how fun and upbeat rock’n’roll can be, as well as just how much talent lies beneath the costumes and playful videos.

Score: 7.5/10

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