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House of Weirdos – ‘Superman Museum’

  • 2 min read

When we last ran into House of Weirdos, they were plagued by the Big Fat Spider Lady and delivering a rough-cut rock ‘n’ roll onslaught that even Black Sabbath would be proud of. Now, the unique, DIY fourpiece of Tom Pressano, Apollo, Dan Gamma, and Bobby Fonti are back with a lighter, novelty-based track that pays homage to the one and only Superman Museum in Metropolis, Illinois.

Released under the guise of a ‘teaching’ video about the museum and all the surprises it has in store, ‘Superman Museum’ is everything we’ve come to love about House of Weirdos and more, offering classic rock ‘n’ roll energy with a very unique twist. While ‘Big Fat Spider Lady’ might have been built with horror anthemics in mind, ‘Superman Museum’ is all about love and admiration, offering a quickfire and brilliantly catchy volley of vintage audio bites, heavy rock anthemics, and comic book style sounds.

An unapologetic and no holds barred tribute to the museum, the song is rock ‘n’ roll with an unmistakable dash of fun, swapping out the sex and drugs for comic books, costumes, and all manner of Superman-themed merchandise. While some might be quick to dismiss the track as a simple novelty piece, there’s so much more behind it, and in the end, even the most sceptical or serious of rock fans won't be able to deny that driving melody or the deft maelstrom of nuanced sounds and unrelenting energy.

Complete with an equally quirky music video that blends a brilliant barrage of scenes from the museum with some fun cameos of the band themselves, ‘Superman Museum’ is a must-hear release for fans of old fashioned rock and Superman alike.

A colourful single that treads the thin line between rock anthem and television advert, ‘Superman Museum’ is bold, enjoyable, and undeniably entertaining. When making the song, House of Weirdos said that they hoped the track would make the museum curator, Jim Hambrick, proud, and after spinning the track all afternoon, we’re absolutely sure it will.

Score: 8.5/10

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