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Iann Brennan – ‘Mission To Mars’

  • 2 min read

A talented artist from Dublin, Ireland, Iann Brennan first surfaced on our radar with the release of his debut album, ‘Start As You Mean To Go On’, a heartfelt collection of melodic and anthemic pieces cut straight from his own eclectic style. It was a bold and wonderfully authentic release, one that captured his sound in perfect form and set the stage for things to come. After a few years away from the spotlight, Iann has finally revealed his follow-up single, the rustic, indie rock anthem of ‘Mission To Mars’.

A wonderfully authentic release that is strong and uniquely ensnaring from start to finish, ‘Mission To Mars’ is filled with sharp, evocative instrumentals and an undeniable sense of hope, one that blossoms fully as soon as Iann begins to sing. Filled with a raw style that is perfectly held in his delivery, Iann’s voice is a standout element of the single, pushing beyond the instrumentals and elevating it above the mainstream alt-rock scene.

Musically, ‘Mission To Mars’ is wonderfully spacious, creating a soft, building melody that complements his vocals, while also letting the whole song breath and evolve under its own steam. As each chorus hits, the true magic unfolds, and the combination of tender, acoustic tones with focused, driven percussion makes for an inspiring listening experience. Perfect for those more wistful, hopeful moments, but with enough power to ensure that each chorus hits just right and prompts dramatic sing-alongs, ‘Mission To Mars’ is easily one of Iann’s truly defining moments.

When the song was first released, Iann spoke openly about the inspiration behind it, explaining, “It was recorded it in March, I had the song recorded, mixed, mastered and had the video done all within a week which is quite crazy to be honest. I wanted the direction of the production on the song to be very different from my first album. I wanted a more rock/indie route which is something I haven’t tried since leaving my old band and becoming a solo artist.”

A wonderfully rewarding experience that is personal enough to imprint upon every listener, but also accessible enough to charm the mainstream audiences, ‘Mission To Mars’ has all the hallmarks of a modern-day anthem, and Iann should be damn proud of it.

Tune into the new single above and make sure you follow Iann on his social media pages below so you can keep up to date with all his latest news, gigs, and releases.

Score: 8.5/10

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