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Imbred – ‘Love (Remastered)’

  • 2 min read

As 2020 keeps turning and leaving its destructive trail, there are fewer and fewer reasons to celebrate, both musically and otherwise. While venues and bands keep on succumbing to the plight of the global pandemic, there are a few braves talents who have been able to turn isolation into inspiration and used their time to grow. One such artist is the cult music icon of Imbred, the Reddit legend and independent Australian star who has been delivering a prolific stream of DIY grunge albums.

Over the last few months, Imbred has been shifting his music from the archaic and struggling Soundcloud to the music juggernaut that is Spotify, and while doing so, he’s been remastering and re-recording each album, delivering them in their most abrasive and engaging forms to date. While early albums like ‘Creep’, ‘Ashes’, and ‘IV’ have already received the makeover treatment, Imbred has now turned his attention to ‘Love’, a ten-track collection of somewhat delicate love songs that counter the heavy, self-loathing anthems of ‘Creep’.

A rapid-fire collection that still clings to the flickering haze of brash guitar and punk aesthetics, Imbred’s latest remaster is arguably his most obvious and impressive so far, heightening the emotive tension of every song while shaving off the rougher edges that once stuck in the heart of each listener. Highlights such as the Nirvana-heavy sounds of ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Girl’ still flow freely, diving into rough, lovelorn territory with an unapologetic nature and unstoppable pop-punk edge.

In the original release, ‘Love’ marked a turning point for Imbred, the moment where he stepped into more experimental tones and a willingness to tackle more light and evocative topics, and with the re-release, it’s he’s shown just how pivotal that moment was.

Another bold re-introduction to Imbred’s unique creative world, the remaster of ‘Love’ continues to offer the same thrills, but with a far more emotive and obvious appeal, earning it a special place in the long evolution of Imbred as an artist.

Stream the remastered version of the album above via Spotify and be sure to follow Imbred on his pages below so you never miss a release.

Score: 6.5/10

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