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In Attica – ‘Reverie’

  • 2 min read

The gritty progressive project of solo artist Caleb Fairchild, In Attica is a rare blend of sharp electronic sounds and textured rock that was born from a single moment. A project that yearns to return to a time when the mundane had not yet become routine, and when it was easy to smile, escape reality, and truly feel carefree, In Attica is a projection of everything we so desperately need as we push forward into the new year. Thankfully, Caleb and In Attica are here to make a difference, calling us all back to better days with the release of debut single, ‘Reverie’.

Opening with a shimmering stream of synth sounds that take us back to the glory days of New Order, ‘Reverie’ sets an instant and wonderfully relatable vibe, catapulting the listener into a cosmic soundscape that tears down the grey and fills reality with a glistening sense of nostalgia. It’s a powerful, immediate effect, and as the song continues, it only grows, building itself upon subtle bass tones and light flickers of percussion, flowing freely and creating a strong, restrained sound that you constantly urge to let loose.

As Caleb’s vocals emerge, they hit with a stellar shifting sound, one that perfectly reflects the emotive nature of the song and heightens the overall mood of the piece. Soft, honest, and wonderfully human, his vocals are layered perfectly with quick volleys of piano keys, and as the song rolls on, it just gets better and better. At its height, Caleb’s vocals take hold with a rough, textured sound that is buoyed by a sense of vulnerability, creating a perfect sound that will have you ensnared, while the instrumentals that back him constantly shimmer and shine, playful urging you on with a sense of hope and wonder. It’s a truly wonderful thing to experience, and a perfect introduction to In Attica that every music fan needs to hear.

Arguably one of the most evocative independent singles you’ll hear this year, ‘Reverie’ is a breathtaking combination of musical ability and human vulnerability, ensuring that it’s not only entertaining but also brilliantly engaging.

You'll be able to stream ‘Reverie’ after its release on the 26th of February this year, but for now, be sure to follow In Attica on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram below, so you never miss a release.

Review: 8.5/10

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