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ISSAMWERA - 'Issamwera (Welcome)'

  • 2 min read

An Icelandic Afro-fusion collective, ISSAMWERA was conceived by the Mozambican-born Icelandic multi-instrumentalist Yara in 2013. A unique and wonderfully ambitious project, ISSAMWERA took shape from screams of rhythm, amplified by feelings of homesickness, creating a spirited sound that was filled with emotion.

After meeting Andres, Cheik, Kwami, Ellert, and Ingo, who helped further develop Yara's sound with African and Latin vibes, ISSAMWERA truly took shape, making their debut in 2021 with the brilliant 'Ástin mín'. Since then, the band have delivered a stream of impressive singles throughout 2022, capitalising on a wave of creative momentum with the brilliant new cut, 'Issamwera (Welcome)'.

A fresh release that illustrates the band's vibrant and riotous sound, 'Issamwera (Welcome)' flows with heart, soul, and plenty of funk-infused style. A single that is accessible enough to remind you of your roots, while also unique to the ISSAMWERA style, it's a track that is modern, rustic, and brilliantly imaginative. Layering timbered percussion and ethereal flutes with effortlessly and emotive vocals, the single is a beautiful tribute to unity, heart, and the connection between us all.

Speaking about the new single, the band explained, “Our song, 'Issamwera', which means welcome, is about unity, how much at ease we get when we know we are in a place where we belong, the beauty of belonging, the beauty of connection, and the beauty of finally having everything flow effortlessly.”

With their much-awaited stage debut in Iceland scheduled for July 28th 2022, ISSAMWERA shows us that music always has something new and special to teach us if we open up our awaiting ears. With a brilliant beat and some wonderful vocals to truly take in, this is a soul-healing track to marvel at.

Score: 8/10

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