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Itchy Richie and the Burnin' Sensations – ‘Lighten My Heart’

  • 2 min read

The project of Fort Worth, Texas-based musician Richard Keller, Itchy Richie and the Burnin' Sensations have featured on our website and social feeds before, delivering a string of infectious releases like ‘The Itchy Experience’ and ‘Continuous Vaudeville’. As a project, the band delves into a maelstrom of genres, drifting between pop, rock, and electronic influences on the hunt for something new.

Today, we’ve been treated to an exclusive preview of Itchy Richie’s new single, an upbeat and yet heartfelt release that takes the project in a dance-heavy new direction. Titled ‘Lighten My Heart’, the single is the first to be taken from their upcoming self-titled record and acts as a follow-up to their previous album ‘Continuous Vaudeville’, which arrived in May of last year.

From the offset, the single sets a very different standard, capturing a far more expressive electronic sound. It’s a sound that seamlessly blends pop aesthetic with a twist of contemporary electronica, building a catchy, synth-laden sound that lifts and motivates with ease. Throughout, Richard’s vocals sound with a touch of 80s autotune, echoing in each chorus with a calling refrain of “you lighten my heart”, which the instrumental push forward with a joyful, upbeat tempo and subtle, funky bassline that makes it hard to deny.

It's an impressive change of pace from the band, capturing an upbeat dance vibe with ease, but at its core, you can still hear the signature Burnin’ Sensations’ sound. While there are obvious comparisons in turns of direction and style with ‘The Unrealistic Happening’ and ‘Throughput’, the band’s first forays into electronic territory, there are apparent similarities with tracks leading back to their debut record ‘The Life of Itchy’, where sonic rumblings and more upbeat, electronic influences sound.

While the new single won’t be officially released until June 16th this year, the band has given us permission to share a special exclusive, with the song being available privately on Soundcloud here. You can also find an intimate and raw acoustic version of the track available via the band’s Instagram page below.



A song that is fittingly about letting go and freeing yourself, ‘Lighten My Heart’ is a welcome return from the band, offering a modern twist to their typically evocative style that is sure to impress fans of old, while also enticing some newcomers to the fold. Overall, it’s a fantastic addition to Itchy Richie and the Burnin' Sensations' discography, showing their evolution and willingness to experiment, while still staying true to their roots and ethos.

You can stream the single now ahead of its official release this June and be sure to follow the band on their pages below to make sure you don’t miss out on the band’s new album when it arrives.

Score: 8/10

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