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J’honny – ‘Euphoric Metamorphosis’

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One of Cincinnati, Ohio’s rising talents, J’honny’s music was never meant to public consumption. A talented, but trouble artist, J’honny’s started making music as a way to cope with daily struggles and escape from the harsh world around him. In his own words, it was a sort of release therapy, a way to survive the darker times and right wrongs through writing songs. In 2019, J’honny took the bold step of going public with his music, unleashing a dark, wonderfully personal collection of tracks onto the world and perfectly illustrating his love and passion.

Originally a true and unwavering hip-hop artist, J’honny’s sound has grown throughout the years, incorporating an expansive mix of sounds and styles into an impressive and wonderfully expressive repertoire. A perfect illustration of J’honny’s sounds, ‘Euphoric Metamorphosis’ is a hip-hop debut like few others, one that cuts through the mainstream cliches and straight to the heart of the genre.

An album about transformation and re-birth, ‘Euphoric Metamorphosis’ details a year in J’honny’s life, capturing the highs and lows with an unwavering sense of clarity. Featuring ten original recordings and collaborations, including two of J’honny’s most accomplished singles to date, ‘The Ride’ and ‘Crown, ‘Euphoric Metamorphosis’ casts an all-encompassing shadow across the contemporary hip-hop landscape. Opening with ‘Breathe Easy’, J’honny creates a polished, echo-soaked world of dark RnB anthemics and unstoppable energy. With a sweeping auto-tuned sound, dynamic flow, and constant flickering beats, the opening single is a perfect illustration of J’honny’s sound, laying the foundation, and indeed the template, for the rest of the record.

Fan favourites like ‘The Ride’ and ‘Crown’ arrive and fade with a sharp, visceral energy, offering more auto-tuned sounds and cinematic touches, while tracks like the ‘Bucket List’, ‘On My Own’, and ‘Merry Go’ impart more personal touches, blending the dense, digital overtones with a beating heart and sentimental soul. While the hits stand tall, the album also offers a bold medley of atmospheric fillers, cashing in on a fiercely modern and easily enjoyable sound.

Drawing obvious comparisons with the likes of Travis Scott, 070 Shake, The Weeknd and 30 seconds to Mars, ‘Euphoric Metamorphosis’ stands tall as a testament to J’honny’s vision and creativity, producing a sound that is smooth, intoxicating, and relentless. While the reliance on auto-tuned and glossy, occasionally overdone, production may dampen the personal touches and poetic nuances on occasion, it’s still so easy to lose yourself in the album, making ‘Euphoric Metamorphosis’ a triumph of light over dark, and of modern hip-hop magic.

You can stream ‘Euphoric Metamorphosis’ today on Spotify and Apple Music now and be sure to follow J’honny on his social media pages below so you never miss a release.

Score: 7/10

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