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J.T. Hiskey – ‘Love’

  • 2 min read

A rising hip-hop star from Salt Lake City, Utah, J.T. Hiskey has wasted little time in making his name known. An impressive talent who has chased success from a young age, Hiskey has already accomplished a lot, releasing a critically acclaimed album, toured with Afroman and Water Taxi, and most impressively, been featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. After proving himself time and time again on the hip-hop scene, Hiskey has taken the bold move of converting to pop-punk, unleashing a brand-new single that is sure to surprise.

Titled ‘Love’, the new single originally aired back in 2018, where it drew well-deserved acclaim, but now it’s been cleverly reworked into a raucous pop-punk epic that is very definition of short, but sweet.

Ever since the genre emerged in the late 1980s, pop-punk has always been about fast tempos, loud, crashing guitars, and plenty of passion, and in ‘Love’, Hiskey has taken these values to heart, delivering on all fronts with ease. Armed with rough, honest vocals, stripped back production, and simple, earnest lyrics, everything about the track is built to invigorate, and when the sing-along choruses hit, they hit hard, delivering shades of Jeff Rosenstock and an unforgettable vibe.

Right out of the gate, Hiskey delivers a quickfire volley of “I love you just so much”, setting the tone for the track with his no-frills delivery and an abundance of rock swagger. As the track progresses, the instrumentals build into an unassailable wall of sound, shaking off any lingering hip-hop vibes and completing Hiskey’s transformation. Brash, bold, and full of life, the track drives itself forward relentlessly, careening through a wild ninety-three second run.

Written and recorded by Hiskey, and produced by Dallin Hunt, who also provides some thunderous drums on the track, the new single is arguably one of the most heartfelt and authentic pop-punk releases of the last few years. Check it out below alongside the stellar video that was shot, directed, and edited by Eudo Quiroz.

A song that constantly impresses for its back-to-basics approach and honest, relatable feel, ‘Love’ is a powerful illustration of Hiskey’s abilities as both a performer and an artist, and whether it’s as a hip-hop disciple or pop-punk renegade, he’s definitely one to watch.

Check out the track above alongside the new music video and be sure to follow J.T. Hiskey on his social media pages below so you can keep up to date with all his latest releases.

Score: 7.5/10

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