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Jacquie Joy – ‘You’ll Feel Nothing’

  • 2 min read

An incredibly talented and global award-winning composer, Jacquie Joy has already made a name for herself through her diverse and imaginative sounds, composing in every genre imaginable, from classical to bluegrass, techno to thrash. Now, Jacquie has taken the bold step of releasing his debut dance track, the cascading and undeniable ‘You’ll Feel Nothing’

A release that features the talents of Californian singer Nomi Abadi on vocals, ‘You’ll Feel Nothing’ is a wonderfully spirited piece, one that revels in stellar house vibes and vibrant dance-pop anthemics. Serving as a powerful statement of intent, the single pushes boundaries with exceptional arrangements and polished production, delivering rich textured and gorgeous, shining melodies that build effortlessly.

Throughout the track, Nomi’s vocals help breathe life into the track, layering the shimmering instrumentals with an engaging and confident sound. The vocals work perfectly within the song, ebbing and flowing effortlessly through the darker moments, bringing light and space to the heavier instrumental passages, while also giving the track a more universal appeal.

Fiercely modern and impossible to deny, the track is a titanic and wonderfully entertaining debut release from Jacquie, proving her musical abilities transfer seamlessly to all formats. You can stream the new single below via Spotify, or find it on Apple Music now.

An impressive piece that will appeal to all fans of contemporary electronica, ‘You’ll Feel Nothing’ is the product of a brilliant musical partnership, showcasing the very best parts of Jacque and Nomi’s combined talents. Make sure you tune in to the new release above and head to Jacquie’s website below where you can find more information on all her releases and work as a composer.

Score: 8.5/10

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