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Jake George – ‘Clear View’

  • 2 min read

When we last caught up with Jake George, he was teasing us all with dreams of a full-length record and setting the standard with ‘Investigators’, a bold radio-ready single that completed his transition to indie rock troubadour. A talented singer-songwriter in his own right, Jake first revealed his new alt-rock sound in 2017 with the release of ‘Heart’, a six-track EP that has had us hanging out for a full-length release ever since. Now, three years later, ‘Clear View’ has finally hit Soundcloud and its time see if the wait was worth it.

Written over the span of fourteen months and brimming with alt-rock and funk-rock vibes, ‘Clear View’ is a journey through the golden age of indie, echoing with the familiar sounds of Oasis, The Stone Roses, REM, and more. Far more than just a shallow recreation of well-trodden paths through, ‘Clear View’ is also a stunning testament to Jake’s own creative vision, boasting eleven original tracks of tactile, alt-rock goodness.

Opening with the strong instrumental epic of ‘Discover’, the album kicks into gear with a high tempo, psychedelic rock sound that’s seamlessly layered with deft funk vibes and shimmering digital tones. It’s an intoxicating and wonderfully visceral intro, one that perfectly sums up the tone of the album in a textured three-and-a-half-minute saga. Following the instrumental beginning, Jake launches himself into a dedicated medley of sounds, starting with fan favourite ‘Investigators’, and pushing on into the droning melodies and Brit-pop shades of ‘Reload’. It’s a wonderfully nostalgic style and sound, one that cuts to the heart of the early 2000’s indie scene with vigour and unapologetic flair.

Following number ‘Mystery’, one of the album’s many highlights, fades into view with a slower, more emotive number that shines shades of Oasis and delivers an emotive, tactile, and utterly brilliant aural experience. Coming out of left field, ‘No Expression’ delivers some heavy funk-filled vibes, while ‘A Good Day Will Come Around’ offers a modern take on the Madchester sound, offering a deft glimpse into how The Stone Roses’ ‘Second Coming’ should have sounded. After the dynamic shifting atmospherics, the title track arrives as perfect spiritual successor, transitioning from indie sounds to digital anthems, before Jake brings us right back to the emotive indie bangers with the ‘The Long Road’ and ‘Goodnight’. In the end, Jake leaves us hanging on with the heavy basslines, shoegaze vocals, and dark funk magic of ‘In the Rain’, and the powerful building sounds of ‘Red Rainbow.

Both musically and artistically, it’s near impossible to fault ‘Clear View’ or Jake’s execution. Expansive, impressive, and built on some of alt-rock’s greatest sounds, the album continues to build on the success of his EP with style, class, and true quality. One of our favourite release of 2020 so far, you can steam ‘Clear View’ above, and be sure to follow him on his social media pages below.

Score: 9/10

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