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JCHRIS – ‘Never Give Up’

  • 2 min read

A talented young performer with a passion for making music, JCHRIS has spent the last few years refining his sound and pushing for something more. With an impressive list of underground singles already to his name, JCHRIS has gained acclaim from fans and critics in his hometown of Abia State, Nigeria, and now, with the release of ‘Never Give Up’, he’s starting to turn heads all across the globe.

Born JohnChris Ndubuisi Onyeukwu, JCHRIS has become a pioneer of the Nigerian RnB and ‘hip-hop artiste’ scenes, building on his influences to create a sound that is fresh, vibrant, and unique to him. Through his previous singles like ‘Can Love Save Me?’ and ‘Blind’, JCHRIS has already shown his stripes, cultivating an impressive sound that shines through rudimentary recording techniques.

In his latest effort, JCHRIS has truly put his passion and dedication on show, dropping ‘Never Give Up’ as a tribute to his ethos and work ethic within the industry. Built on audio snippets, rolling beats, and a sharp vocal flow, the track is a nuanced bombardment of sounds that fight to make themselves heard. Through the raw production, JCHRIS’ vocals hit in waves, washing over each over and creating a textured vocal refrain that will get right under your skin.

Bringing fresh new energy to the hip-hop scene, JCHRIS has proven that he’s an artist worthy of your attention, and with ‘Never Give Up’ he’s continued to push things, showing that he knows how to capitalise on a bold beat and that he can shine through even the roughest of production.

Available now on all major platforms, ‘Never Give Up’ is a track that embodies JCHRIS’ sound and passion, offering a bold glimpse into his life and style. You can stream it now via Spotify. An artist with a lot to offer, JCHRIS is currently collaborating with Snare1.0 under their own records label, BROKEN SOULS, where we can expect to see a lot more great tracks.

Score: 7/10

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