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Jimmy Maddon – ‘Jimmy Maddon’

  • 3 min read

When it comes to the world of modern glam rock, there are few voices or personas more instantly recognisable than that of Jimmy Maddon. Clad in three-inch platform shoes, tight leather pants, and with a face full of makeup, Jimmy is a figure cut straight from the beating, glitter-filled heart of the ‘80s. A Melbourne native who has wowed crowds all across the globe, Jimmy lives and breathes the glam rock lifestyle, blending striking outfits and winged eyeliner with an impressive melee of vibrant, disarming sounds. A unique performer by today’s standards, Jimmy hits like a stunning blend of past and present greats, conjuring up instant comparisons to the likes of Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, and Alex Turner.

After impressing fans and critics alike with previous singles ‘The Real Me’, ‘Do I Turn You On?’, and ‘The Crime of The Century’, and earning critical acclaim from the likes of Amnplify, Skope, and Indie Spoonful, but now he’s embarked on his most ambitious release to date, his debut full-length album.

Released today on November 6th, the eponymous new title is a fittingly wild, free, and unapologetic collection of tracks that bring together three old favourites and five fresh new anthems, creating one of the most expansive and illustrative albums of the year so far. While the three lead singles might have led us all to believe that Jimmy’s eponymous debut would be an unyielding aural onslaught of hard glam rock anthems, human moments, and deep interpersonal revelations, but even from the very first track, Jimmy proves he has far more instore.

A droning, faintly melodic introduction, opening track ‘Jazz’ shines with an off-kilter melody and Jimmy’s smooth, shifting vocals, capturing elements of funk, new wave, and ambient, golden age rock. An unassuming, but fitting introduction, it builds on echoes of INXS and the raw, revolutionary ‘80s. Cutting back to basics, second track and fan favourite ‘Do I Turn You On?’ follows, launching into a strong, upbeat anthem that’s driven forward by a stark revolving drum beat and textured guitar. Setting the standard for the album with its style and lyrical content, ‘Do I Turn You On’ delivers in droves, sounding as fresh now as it did when it first surfaced.

Third cut ‘She’s Done It All Before’ carries the move forward with light piano tones and an upbeat, sweetly sung style, echoing the eclectic dramatics of Queen and stitching together a unique tale through subtle, shifting harmonies and a simple, but effective melody, while ‘The Real Me’ continues to impress in perfect form. A sharp back-to-back moment, one that captures the sharp, emotive quality that Jimmy excels in creating, contrasting real, and often tongue-in-cheek moments with evocative melodies and a heavy dose glam rock personality. With Bowie-esque flair, ‘Outside’ lingers between soft rock and new age pop, wandering through genres and tones with ease, creating a seamless blend of styles that all bow down to Jimmy’s vocals.

In the closing moments of the album, ‘Black Coffee’ and ‘A Night With Stilettos’ conjure sharp imagery through Jimmy’s unique take on classic soft rock sounds, bringing to light his most evocative and moving tracks of the record. They’re perfect illustrations of Jimmy’s versatility and sentimentality, unashamedly digging into the heart of the songwriter and presenting it to the world with crystal clarity. Tactile and compelling, the album ends on a high with ‘The Crime of The Century’, a shining example of seamlessly blending showmanship, glamour, and deeply human moments with an undercurrent of fragility. Diving into early rock vibes with a lingering acoustic melody, the final track on the album leaves you with a blossoming sense of nostalgia and yearning for more.

A surprising release, the full record breaks away from some of the glitz and glamour of Jimmy’s previous singles, wiping away the make-up to reveal a beating poetic heart. An unapologetically tender release, there is a gentle magic about the album that brings each of the eight tracks together, creating a stirring, understated addition to Jimmy’s growing glam rock legacy. Set for release on November 6th this year, ‘Jimmy Maddon’ will be available on all major platforms, so be sure to give him a follow or like on social media so you don’t miss out.

Score: 7.5/10

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