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Jimmy Maddon – ‘Make Love (Inside Your Bed)’

  • 2 min read

By now, there won’t be too many music fans that don’t know the name, Jimmy Maddon. A talented singer and vibrant songwriter, Jimmy treads a unique path through modern music, one that is clad in three-inch platform shoes, tight leather pants, and a face full of makeup. After winning over fans and critics with his eponymous debut album, Jimmy has become an undeniable champion of ‘80s glam rock and all the bright, wondrous sounds that come with it.

Recently, Jimmy took the bold step of moving to the UK to help progress his career, moving over to the land where Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, and Alex Turner first found their feet, and it seems to be working, with his new single arriving with plenty of power.

Titled ‘Make Love (Inside Your Bed)’, the new single is Jimmy at his most empowered, cutting through the melodic pop soundscape of the charts with a rip-roaring guitar track and loads of proto-punk energy. Right from the beginning, Jimmy makes his mark with a raucous guitar riff, building an unassailable and wonderfully gritty wall of sound that is studded with thunderous percussion and caustic atmospherics. Throughout, Jimmy builds an impressive and rambunctious sound, and his vocals cut in amidst the melee, he conjures a style and swagger that bands like T. Rex and the New York Dolls would be proud of.

A wild anthem that is unmistakably his, ‘Make Love (Inside Your Bed)’ was recorded by Jimmy at Make Noises Studios in Sheffield and mastered by Joseph McCarthy of InterSound Studio. While the full track won’t be released until the 25th of February this year, Jimmy has released a special trailer for the single which gives an impressive glimpse into the track. Check it out below.

After impressing fans and critics alike with standout singles like ‘The Real Me’‘Do I Turn You On?’, and ‘The Crime of The Century’, and after the success of his debut full-length album, Jimmy has created a massive amount of momentum for his vintage style, and with ‘Make Love (Inside Your Bed)’, he’s bolding begun a new chapter.

Score: 7/10

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