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Jimmy Maddon – ‘The Crime of The Century’

  • 2 min read

Taking to the stage in tight leather pants, three-inch platform shoes, and makeup that creates a unique androgynous style, Jimmy Maddon sets an unforgettable scene. Complete with a five pence coin in place of a plectrum, he’s easily one of modern music’s most exciting up-and-coming artists. With praise already flooding in from notable music figures like Ash Archer, Mark Gardner, Daniel M. Pearn, and us here at Broken 8 Records, Jimmy is poised to become one of 2020’s biggest breakthrough acts, and it all rides on the success of his upcoming debut album.

While the full record is a closely guarded secret, Jimmy has been slowly revealing hints at the glam rock epic through previous singles ‘Do I Turn You On?’ and ‘The Real Me’, and so far, they haven’t disappointed in the slightest. Now, Jimmy is back in the spotlight with ‘The Crime of The Century’, the third official single from the eponymous debut album.

While ‘Do I Turn You On?’ arrived as an unstoppable rock epic, and ‘The Real Me’ shone as a fine, emotive counterbalance, ‘The Crime of The Century’ carves out its own path entirely. Written after Jimmy’s first international tour throughout Indonesia, from which the song takes its title, the new single reflects upon the wild rides and good times that have led Jimmy to become an international star. Complete with cuts of adoring fans and cheering crowds, ‘The Crime of The Century’ delves into early rock vibes with its lingering acoustic melodies, shaking off any preconceived ideas you might have had and filling the empty space with an evocative blend of nostalgic sounds, yearning acoustic hooks, and an unmistakably sharp story.

Arguably the most tactile and compelling of Jimmy’s singles so far, ‘The Crime of The Century’ shines with human moments and an undercurrent of fragility, offering a layered and deceptively intricate sound that cuts through the showmanship and glamour to the beating heart that lies beneath it all.

A worthy successor to his previous singles, ‘The Crime of The Century’ is a disarming release that will charm and ensnare all who stumbles upon it. You can stream a brief, but illustrative snippet of the song in the first official trailer above and be sure to follow Jimmy on his social media pages below so you never miss a release.

Score: 7.5/10

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