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Joey Bakes – ‘CodeName Unicorns’

  • 2 min read

Born in July of ’93, Joey Bakes has spent the best part of three decades refining his style and creating his sound. Raised in Roosevelt, New York, Joey was inspired by his father’s avid love of music, and after moving to Dallas, Texas in his teens, he spent the next few years transforming himself into a fully-fledged musician. Now, Joey is ready to capture the hearts and minds of true hip-hop fans, carving out a new path with the release of his upcoming EP, 'The Pursuit to Move Away High Beyond the Clouds and Wish in a Field Of Dreams’.

A release built on a passion and respect for the golden era of hip-hop, ‘Unicorns’ is filled with the dominant sounds of 90’s rap, capturing a deep art that shines through the modern scene. Musically, it’s a release that reflects both a musical and personal legacy, offering an authentic slice of ‘true hip-hop’ that never fails to make its mark.

Opening with ‘The Pursuit’, Joey lays down an almost solitary stream of piano keys and reverb, drawing you in with simple, ruminating tones before unleashing a bold cascade of drilled beats and sharp verse. As the track hits its stride, it keeps on hitting with a blend of melodic flow, heavy lyrics, and off-kilter refrains, creating a wild, but ensnaring sound that becomes an impressive first glimpse. As the releases shifts to tracks like ‘Away’ and ‘Move’, Joey sets a new standard, offering a conscious stream of tempered percussion and kaleidoscopic calls, creating a nuanced contrast between structured verse and swirling instrumentals.

It’s a sound that is perfectly reinforced by ‘High Beyond the Clouds’, one of the EP’s true highlights. Armed with some subtle shifts and neat, artistic tricks, the song elevates Joey’s sound with some modern flourishes and inspired RnB blends. For the closing tracks, Joey makes sure to add some bursts of excitement and energy, finishing off the EP with a rough-and-ready rap hip-hop sound that you won’t forget anytime soon.

An impressive release, ‘Unicorns’ holds firm to the strengths of the hip-hop scene, but it also occasionally strays into the troubled cliches that continue to exist within the genre, creating a mixed style that isn’t always surprisingly, but more often than not, it’s wonderfully entertaining.

Set for release on the 31st of July this year, the sneak peek we were provided shows that it’s going to be well worth the wait. For now, make sure you tune in to some of Joey’s best tracks above, follow him on his social media pages below, and hit the pre-save link for the upcoming project.

Score: 8/10

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