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Johnny Lloyd – ‘La La La’

  • 2 min read

A few years ago, Tribes frontman Johnny Lloyd pledged to write an album a year, an ambitious idea that he’s taken to in strides. After setting the wheels in motion in 2019 with the release of ‘Next Episode Starts In 15 Seconds’ and then ‘Cheap Medication’ the year after, he’s quickly become of the most prolific artists in recent years, and now, with the release of ‘La La La’, his third solo records, he’s also become one of the most impressive.

Featuring fourteen original tracks that were produced by Max Clilverd, Johnny and Nathan Coen and further mixed and mastered by Frank Turner, ‘La La La’ took shape between the former two albums, delivering a textured arrangement of bright, sun-kissed sound that look past the black winter days.

An album that finds Lloyd sounding more himself than ever, ‘La La La’ is a gorgeous composite of his previous releases, both as a solo artist and with Tribes. Filled with the kind of tender acoustic ballads that Lloyd does so well, ‘La La La’ finds its feet with tracks like ‘Night Guard’ and ‘Don’t Swim Stoned’, two standout tracks that shine with heart and integrity. Elsewhere, lead single ‘Joypolis’ delivers some newfound electronic touches, while the harmonica-driven ‘Beautiful World’ show that he’s not afraid to experiment with some rustic, country sounds.

Continuing his exploration of textured, retro sounds, ‘God Bless Ronnie Wood’ hits hard with a definitive rock edge, landing as a rousing homage to the iconic guitarist, while ‘Moments On Earth’ tugs at the heartstrings with a stripped-back folk sound that lingers perfectly. Another fine display of indie craftsmanship that has an enduring timeless appeal, ‘La La La’ sees Lloyd continuing to explore new territories and thrive artistically.

While Lloyd might have been on the scene for over a decade now, ‘La La La’ is easily his most authentic and honest release to date. Proof that he’s continuing to push himself musically, creatively and positively, ‘La La La’ is a rewarding listen for anyone willing to tune in.

Score: 8.5/10

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