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Junebug – ‘Cut You Loose’

  • 2 min read

A talented indie-folk project from Cambridge, Massachusetts, Junebug began to assemble years ago when Carolyn Fahrner first fell in love with music. After starting to write her own original songs at the tender age of twelve, Fahrner rose to prominence as the frontwoman for 2% Milk, but today, she’s taken the brave step of going solo, sharing her debut single and unleashing an ethereal wave of catchy indie-pop sounds.

Titled ‘Cut You Loose’, Carolyn’s first appearance as Junebug is a mesmerising, introspective journey, one that examines toxic relationships and how hard it can be to free yourself from them. Built to inspire, the single is a rare form of indie-pop that resonates perfectly within each listener, creating a powerful, intimate channel through which conversation and understanding can flow freely.

Constructed around a stunning central melody that blends easy guitar chords with playful synths and a sharp, contemporary sound, ‘Cut You Loose’ shines with open, honest spaces, standing tall with open arms and a refreshing, human touch. Musically, the song taps into a unique, emotive world, one that reflects the light, free nature of the track and pays it forward, creating a perfect backdrop for Junebug’s playful, expressive vocals and infinitely poignant lyrics.

Speaking openly about the new single, Junebug explained the inspiration behind it, expressing; “[its] about trying to let go of people but falling back into those dynamics out of habit. The chords don't change until the bridge, which reflects how difficult it is to grow away from people who aren't the best for you. You can say you want to let somebody go, but you have to do it too, and that's hard“.

Written, recorded and mixed in Junebug’s home studio before collaborating artist Chris Howat added more synth lines and guitar solos, ‘Cut You Loose’ is a perfect illustration of dreamy, indie-folk pop, the single is a powerful introduction to Junebug’s world that will charm even the most stoic of listeners. Check it out below via Spotify.

The first stunning glimpse into Junebug’s up-and-coming EP, which is set for release next month, ‘Cut You Loose’ is an exploratory epic that sets the stage and announces her as one of the year’s most immersive new talents.

Score: 7.5/10

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