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KAIS - 'Dark Side of the Light'

  • 2 min read

A pioneer of the indie rock scene in his native Jordan, KAIS has announced himself as one of The Middle East’s most versatile and impressive new talents, channelling a timeless alternative sound and running his very own recording studio, Hot Soap Studios. A talent on the verge of becoming an international name, KAIS has spent the last few years refining his sound, arriving at a sonically driven and totally ensnaring smorgasbord of contemporary indie and glistening ‘90s alt-rock. Breaking the mono-cultural mould with a unique combination of heritage sounds, choppy guitars, and sharp, calling vocals, KAIS has recently stepped onto the mainstage with the release of his latest single, ‘Dark Side of the Light’, a unique take on a classic theme.

Released in the fading months of 2020, ‘Dark Side of the Light’ bounced around the underground before finally popping up on our radar, bringing with it a nuanced tapestry of indie rock, alt-pop, and engaging psychedelic soul. An honest and undeniable illustration of KAIS’ sound and ‘meta’ approach to lyricism, the single is an avant-garde exploration of lost love, longing, and all those lingering emotions that can cast us into darkness.

Musically, the song is a sonic whirlwind of sounds timeless sound, all of which are carefully picked and painstakingly stitched together to create a truly engaging and absolutely undeniable sound. Lyrically, however, it’s a whole different game, and KAIS has paid special care and attention to ensure that the song is as honest, vulnerable, and universal as possible. With lines such as “one side is here to stay, one side is gotta win” and “you know it’s a battle with sin”, KAIS speaks to the duality and conflicts in love, conjuring up harsh romantic insights and stark parallels between love and war.

While the volatility of the instrumentals and reverb-wrapped tones might draw you in, it’s the sentiment and vulnerability of the lyrics that hold you in place and really makes the single work. You can stream ‘Dark Side of the Light’ below alongside its official music video and find out for yourself.

Demonstrating a versatile sound that is filled with timeless and quintessential influences like Jeff Buckley and Ben Howard, ‘Dark Side of the Light’ is a near-perfect introduction to KAIS, sharing his nomadic soul with the world and outlining exactly what he has to offer.

You can connect with KAIS below, and be sure to tune in to his interview with A&R Factory where he talks about his new single, inspirations, and life in lockdown.

Score: 9/10

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