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KAIS – ‘Spirit City Kiss’

  • 2 min read

When we last heard from the Jordan-born and Canadian-based singer-songwriter of KAIS, he had just released the intoxicating ‘Dark Side of Light’. It was a gorgeous release that perfectly demonstrated KAIS’ versatile sound, one that shone with echoes of Jeff Buckley and Ben Howard, while also highlighting his nomadic soul and penchant for sharp indie-soul fusions. Utilising meta poetry to illustrate what words can’t say alone about what it means to be human, KAIS’ music has become a constant source of excitement, and on his new single, he’s borrowed a few tones from ‘90s indie and paid ode to his spiritual home.

A stark new single filled with gritty, grunge aesthetics and deep, intimate vocals, ‘Spirit City Kiss’ is an invigorating blend of cascading synths and rich accordant guitar chords that combine to create a brilliant psychedelically-tinged sound filled with swagger, nostalgia and charm. Filled with love for his hometown and yearning for someone special, KAIS unashamedly shows his true colours on the new single, unleashing an easily accessible and wonderfully relatable song that will have you dreaming of better days.

While the instrumentals might first capture your focus, it’s KAIS smooth and sultry vocals that really steals you away, layering beautifully with the beautiful synth backdrop to showcase true and unadulterated emotion. Recorded at Hot Soap Studios, produced and mixed by KAIS, Andreas Matheou and mastered by Brock McFarlane (CPS Mastering), it’s an unmissable aural experience.

Speaking openly about the new single, KAIS explained the inspiration and power behind ‘Spirit City Kiss’, saying, “This single represents love found in a city you connect or identify with spiritually. You might not live in that city anymore, but in some mystic and synchronous way, it always tends to call you back in manifested forms that only your mind, heart and soul recognise.”

Another impressive testament to KAIS’ ability to bravely explore the human condition and how we all try to cope with life, ‘Spirit City Kiss’ is powerful, personal, and absolutely unforgettable. Tune in above via Spotify and be sure to follow KAIS on his social media pages below so you never miss a release.

Score: 8/10

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