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Kyriakos Gabriel Varnava – ‘Tonight’

  • 2 min read

One of this year’s most promising indie-rock talents, Kyriakos Gabriel Varnava spent his formative years honing his talents and winning over hearts and minds as a cover artist. Inspired by the indie and grunge legends like Nirvana, Anathema, Radiohead, Madrugada, and Manchester Orchestra, Kyriakos took the brave leap of releasing his own music in September 2020, releasing his debut single ‘Far From Home’ to critical acclaim. Since then, Kyriakos has continued to impress, and with the release of his new single ‘Tonight’, he’s proven his talents beyond any shadow of a doubt.

His fourth single to date, but his first attempt at a true musical ballad, ‘Tonight’ sees Kyriakos stripping away his armour and showcasing the softer, more vulnerable side to his songwriting, one that is instantly appealing and all too relatable. Written with his heart on his sleeve, the single resounds with a lavish, yet delicate sound, one that shines with human emotion and a fine veil of indie-rock brilliance.

Produced by Ant Tarrant, it’s a single that does away with the cliched bravado and over-the-top rock showmanship that hangs within the mainstream, and in all honesty, it’s all the more impressive and engaging for it. Layering subtle strands of timeless alt-folk sounds, soft rock melodies, and heartfelt, human fragility, the single conjures up a wave of emotion, balancing the more nuanced harmonies with pensive keys, intimate guitars, and unapologetically romantic vocals.

A track that perfectly captures that stark sense of hopelessness that lingers in the wake of broken promises and bad decisions, ‘Tonight’ breaks boundaries and pulls at the heartstrings, creating a truly unforgettable release.

The first in a series of singles that will introduce Kyriakos’ upcoming EP, ‘Tonight’ is a rare example of a songwriter playing his cards perfectly, delivering a fine blend of sounds that is relatable and universally lovable, while also effortlessly personal.

Score: 8/10

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