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LALO – ‘Pernicious Fidelity’

  • 3 min read

An artist who has been creating waves throughout the modern rap world, both on his own and as part of the Roverboyz collective, LALO has spent the last few years creating some of the most immersive and unique releases around. With a flair for heavy bars, immersive melodies, and bold, experimental soundscapes, LALO has continued to impress fans and critics alike in recent years, delivering some contemporary rap epics like ‘‘Strawberry Ice Kream’ and ‘‘Scorpio Overlord, Pt. 1’.

A unique talent how refuses to be pigeonholed, LALO has shown has constantly pushed boundaries and proven his talents for innovation, but with the ‘Pernicious Fidelity’, his first full-length release of 2021, he’s taken things to a whole new level. A five-track EP that breaks away from the explosive ‘Glocks To Sample in Songs’, the new record is a unique listening experience, one that sees LALO exploring fresh sonic territories and crafting a dark, experimental sound through distorted, emotional love songs and singing.

Speaking openly about the new EP, LALO set the stage, explaining, “this music is really close to how my emotions have been throughout the past year, it might be my most personal project to date,” and from the very track, there’s no doubt about it. Titled ‘I Won’t Wake Up Tomorrow’, the opening cut is as emotive as it is expressive, casting some true emo-rap vibes that hang heavy in the air. Stitching together isolated percussion, sparse instrumentals, and dark lyrical themes, the single is evocative, filled with angst and driven hard to create a slow-burning sound that lingers.

In ‘You Make Me Insane’, LALO introduces the first twist in style, delivering a light, acoustic sound that shines with plenty of soul. As the song continues, LALO cleverly layers his rap anthemics, weaving his lyrics and flow into a cathartic stream that signals the end of a relationship and a chance to move on. Following number ‘Screaming on the Phone’ plays to a similar vibe, blending some gorgeous opening vocals with LALO’s cut back trap sound, blending styles and revealing his most expansive vocal performance to date. In the closing few tracks, LALO continues to impress, with the penultimate track ‘I’m Angry’ surfacing as an undeniable highlight. Built on a stellar collaboration with Cel, the track sees both artists trading the microphone, creating an immersive vocal harmony that will have you captivated, especially when they unleash in the chorus with a brilliant refrain of ‘I’m not angry anymore, but I’m tired of love”. In the final cut, ‘Love Burns Up’, LALO leaves us wanting more, blending haunting sounds that are cloaked in echoes with honesty and plenty of self-reflection. LALO’s vocals hit hard, shifting focus and creating a raw, eclectic flow, while the instrumentals push everything forward, balancing the heavier tones with a clever mix of audio snippets and clever flourishes that really make the track shine.

Impossible to deny and characterised by a perfect closing number, ‘Pernicious Fidelity’ sees LALO continuing to produce his own style of music, bravely chipping away at a legacy that is growing bigger with every new release. Far more expansive and honest than any of his previous releases, the new EP hits the mark when it comes to sharp, vulnerable lyrics, steady trap beats, and fierce originality.

Available now on Spotify and Apple Music, ‘Pernicious Fidelity’ is a brilliant companion piece to LALO’s last record, but also a strong release in its own right, opening up new paths and potential that we’re sure LALO will capitalise on in the future.

Score: 9/10

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