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Laptop Singers – ‘Are You Ready For Love?’

  • 2 min read

A brother duo consisting of Lars and Per Andersson, Laptop Singers have brought over thirty years of experience to their eclectic new-pop sound. After beginning the project in 2019 with the motivation to create high-quality classic pop with an electronic mix and modern touch, the band have been carving out a dynamic path through their local scene, releasing several albums and various singles that have captured their polished sound. Now, they’re championing a brilliant new single that is sure to impress, the evocative ‘Are You Ready For Love?’

From their studio outside Gothenburg, Sweden, the new single gives classic pop a touch of modern electro-soul, pushing a sweet song to its limits. Made with a purpose and plenty of passion, the single builds to become a unique aural experience, capturing that perfect moment when two lovers are ready for the next step in their relationship. Musically, the single is a near-perfect combination of polished pop and elegant production, layering shimmering synths and smooth electro-pop sounds that tap into classic balladry and plenty of true emotion.

Featuring Roger Arvidson, the new single reminds us all of the matchless meaning attached to affection, blending heart and soul with catchy, classic pop tones, rich synthetics, and plenty of contemporary electronics. Floating between the Spanish acoustic guitar notes, swooning horn stabs and tantalising keys Roger Arvidson has the perfect platform to lay down his timeless vocal harmonies. As the band explained, “’Are You Ready for Love?’ is a soft pop/soul/electro song about the search for the things that really matter in life.”

Self-written and self-produced, Laptop Singers shine completely with this soulful, classic pop, electro single, offering a twist of sounds that just works so effortlessly that we just want to hear it again and again. You can tune into the new single below.

A truly impressive track, ‘Are You Ready For Love?’ really allows both Laptop Singers and Roger Arvidson to show who they are, creating a sense of authenticity that is often lost in most modern pop songs.

Score: 7/10

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