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Lara – ‘Drifting’

  • 2 min read

A Melbourne pop artist, producer, and Berklee College of Music Scholar, Lara first rose to prominence back in 2019 with the release of her debut album, ‘Bored Games’. An underappreciated gem that showcased her fondness for both modern pop and more timeless genres like funk and soul, the album was a veritable wave of experimental sounds and vibrant, sonically inspired themes that was as accessible as it was awakening. Fast forward two years and Lara is back with another slice of electronic pop that is sure to impress, the ethereal ‘Drifting’.

Released on the 5th of March this year, the new single captures the disorientating isolation of global lockdowns, offering a helping hand and rising us about the darker moments with a transcendent take on soul-infused trip-hop. While in her previous releases Lara stayed a more straightforward sound that was reminiscent of early 2000’s pop, ‘Drifting’ sees her embarking on a more electronic-inspired journey, one that shines with the sounds of some stellar artists like Sampha and James Blake. Featuring her usual polished production and a growing arsenal of sounds and inspirations, ‘Drifting’ is a rare form of music that lingers perfectly between beauty and pain.

Combining crisp, familiar tones taken from the golden age of 2000’s pop and 2010’s electronica, ‘Drifting’ sees Lara wrapping herself in familiar tones, while bravely exploring more introspective narratives. With gorgeous vocals that offer an intimate, tender shade, and crashing waves of sound that dig deep and balance the story-telling on show, ‘Drifting’ become more than just another single, but a vehicle through which every listener can find solace, healing, and a way out of the dark.

Speaking openly about the track, Lara said; “Drifting was written after moving between countries and contending with feeling adrift from people I once spent every day with. It recognises the bitter-sweet nature of change and its unavoidable consequences.”

You can stream ‘Drifting’ below via Spotify.

A masterclass in storytelling and sublime attention to details, ‘Drifting’ is a subtle, sophisticated release that will catch everyone off guard in the best of ways. Make sure you tune in to the new single above and don’t forget to follow Lara on her social media pages below so you never miss a new release.

Score: 9/10

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