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Lawson J – ‘Stay Together’

  • 2 min read

A singer, songwriter, composer, and producer with a penchant for contemporary pop music, Lawson J has quickly become one of 2021’s most promising new artists. Growing up, Lawson fell in love listening to the immortal sounds of Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, and James Brown, but it wasn’t until high school that he really began to make music of his own, developing a lavish, pop sound that leans deftly on a unique blend of EDM, pop, Afrobeat and soul. After impressing fans and critics alike with the release of his previous single ‘Ahi Aye’ and ‘Maria’, Lawson J is stepping back into the spotlight with the release of his phenomenal new single, ‘Stay Together’.

A song about how quickly love can strike, ‘Stay Together’ is a perfect successor to his previous singles, carrying forward the same evocative pop sound, while also capturing a rare exotic feel that perfectly complements the message behind the song. Featuring toned vocals, a charming synth-based melody, and light cascading beats, ‘Stay Together’ creates an instant and irrepressible tropical vibe that will transport the listener to an expressive new soundscape.

Seamlessly blending a dynamic dance aesthetic and electronic sounds with a sharp RnB energy and a bold Afrobeat flavour, ‘Stay Together’ has all the hallmarks of a modern-day classic, proving that Lawson J has what it takes to write, produce, and engineer some of the biggest electro-pop tracks of the year.

Available now on all major platforms, ‘Stay Together’ comes complete with an equally impressive new music video that features Lawson J on sun-kissed beaches and gorgeous tropical scenes. Check it out below.

A truly wonderfully new release that has universal appeal and true commercial value, everything about ‘Stay Together’ points to it being a certified hit, and we’re damn proud to feature it as an exclusive on our website. Check out the official music video above and be sure to follow Lawson J on his social media pages below so you never miss a release.

Score: 8/10

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