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Leroybroughtflowers – ‘Woodlark’

  • 2 min read

A young, but wonderfully talented artist from Coventry, Leroybroughtflowers has been designing and refining his creative, indie-pop sound since the tender age of twelve, delving into a unique melting-pot of sounds and lifting from it a gorgeous mould of pop, RnB, jazz, hip-hop and more. Since 2019, Leroybroughtflowers has shared a string of impressive releases, including a collaborative LP, two EPs, and now, a brilliant, multi-faceted new single that is simply titled ‘Woodlark’.

Created as a ‘sombre indie proclamation, ‘Woodlark’ is a musical confessional, one that bravely blends the most intimate and private of moments with a drifting, melancholy vibe. Wrapped in emotion that soaks into every note and poetic verse, the single is a deeply ruminative and wonderfully emotive piece, one that is deeply introspective, while also wonderfully universal.

Edged by nuanced jazz roots that twist and linger amongst the sombre indie tones, ‘Woodlark’ leaves no stone unturned, capturing a coming-of-age tale that revels in subtle textural changes and plenty of soul. Bridging the gap between the ornate soundscapes and more contemporary, wistful indie, ‘Woodlark’ is a powerful showing of honesty, humility, and hope.

Speaking about the new single, Leroybroughtflowers said, “Woodlark is a coming-of-age ballad inspired by leaving my hometown and my first love. The protagonist has accepted his life as a wanderer, and his inability to stay for his loved ones or express his love. It is the bittersweet feeling of wanting to forget but also wanting to remember everything. It is a love letter to a life of endless wandering and teenage love.”

Aptly described as a “wanderer’s anthem, an ode to the past, and a look into the future where many days alone await”, ‘Woodlark’ is available to download and stream now. It has been independently released by the artist himself and is a promising introduction to his new mixtape which will be released later this year.

Score: 9/10

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