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Lost On The Way – ‘Too Late To Say Goodbye’

  • 2 min read

For the last few years, Germany’s own Matulla has been meticulously building his discography, stocking the shelves high with heavy rock anthems that feature a varied palette of guest singers from across the globe. A unique talent with a sound that cuts you to the quick every time, Matulla has been creating a dazzling and ever-changing soundscape, one that is filled with adventure, innovation, and plenty of spirit.

For his latest project, Matulla has taken on the musical moniker of Lost On The Way, stepping into a new style and role to create his most emotive and engaging release to date. Titled ‘Too Late To Say Goodbye’, the new EP arrives as a textured ‘rock novella’, delivering five original tracks that all shine with their own character and story. In previous releases such as ‘Duty’ and ‘Lost Tonight’, Matulla has been able to tap into raw, emotional moments that enhance every moment, and on the new EP, it’s that heart that really carries it forward.

Opening with tracks like ‘Things Have Changed’ and ‘Pass the Mission’, Matulla creates a unique musical perspective, one where an over-arching concept takes root and the music flows as backing to the central themes. Offering a cacophony of rolling percussion, calling guitars, and tempered, rock anthemics, the opening tracks set the tone for the release, offering heavy, expressive sounds that fight crash down and fight against the tide.

As the EP continues, ‘Up To No Good’ shines with a bittersweet, alternative sound, one that kicks hard as the vocals take a more direct, yet distorted path, while ‘Lost In The Wishing Well’ and the title track provide a closing flurry of rock and roll aggression, complete with howling vocals and fierce, fiery guitar work. As it all comes to a close, there’s power and passion to spare, with each song shouting loudly into the ether and demanding to be heard.

Armed with a powerful vision for his music, Matulla is clearly invested and eager, and his latest EP is a powerful illustration of just how grand in scale his releases are, but somewhere in ‘Too Late To Say Goodbye’, he loses the balance, creating a sound that is undeniable, but not always discernible. There’s definitely magic locked within Mutalla’s work and lyrics, it can just be a little difficult to find it through the waves of caustic guitar.

Score: 7/10

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