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Love Ghost – ‘Fade Away (Shave My Head)’

  • 2 min read

For those of you who thought that grunge and emo rock was dead, you clearly haven’t heard of Love Ghost. Mainstays of L.A.’s underground scene, Love Ghost have become pioneers of their own musical movement, setting a fire that has burned brightly since the release of their debut album back in 2018. After a string of titanic singles, a triumphant tour of Japan, and placements on some of the biggest playlists that Spotify and Apple Music have to offer, the band are back in action once again, taking on the troubles of 2021 with the visceral new single, ‘Fade Away (Shave My Head)’.

An intense cut that perfectly illustrates Love Ghost’s sound and focus on mental health, ‘Fade Away (Shave My Head)’ wastes no time in making its mark, opening with the enduring lines of “I want to shave my head / Want to tell my friends I'm dead / Want to throw out all my meds / Just want to feel OK / And I Want to be someone”. Within seconds, the tone is irreversibly set, and as the band cut in with their dark, progressive sound, the track erupts into a haunting, intense, and perfectly driven style that simply refuses to quit.

Hitting hard with an unyielding punk-rock undercurrent, ‘Fade Away (Shave My Head)’ is the sound of Love Ghost at their most visceral and determined, lashing out with an undeniable sound and a strong message about the importance of our mental health. Another perfect example of Love Ghost’s talent for dynamic songwriting and seamless blends of slow, evocative sections and heavy, distressed vocals, the new single is utterly essential listening.

Speaking candidly about the new release, frontman Finnegan Bell explained, “[its] a straight-up grunge song. I came in with the guitar idea, Cory offered some great suggestions, and then the entire band really came through and added their individual flavours to it. This song was a complete collaboration, and Daniel Alcala (Love Ghost Guitarist) mixed the song. The theme is really about constantly wanting to change something so you can feel comfortable in your own skin. The song captures what it feels like for me when I’m on the edge. I’ve been to that dark place before and I hope that me screaming about it can help someone who is dealing with that currently.”

Easily one of the band’s most intense and effective releases to date, ‘Fade Away (Shave My Head)’ is another grunge-heavy masterpiece that you’ll enjoy time and time again. Tune in above alongside the official video and find out just why Love Ghost has been called one of the most promising bands of their generation.

Score: 8/10

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