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LS-Three – ‘Temporary’

  • 2 min read

One of Newcastle’s brightest blues-rock outfits in recent years, the newly crowned LD-Three have been carving up the local scene for years now, cutting their teeth in bars and clubs across the North coast of New South Wales. After first making their mark with the release of their seminal debut EP, ‘LSD’ in 2018, the trio of Aaron Philpott, Leith Moonen, and Scott Emblen took their time following it up, heading back to the studio and refining their funky, heavy, sound. Now, almost two years to the day after that seminal EP, they’re back with brand new single ‘Temporary’.

Hitting with a far more polished sound, the new single is a perfect evolutionary step, taking the raw, visceral aggression of the band’s debut and channelling it into a true, stadium-rock epic. While the production values have noticeably skyrocketed and leant the song a more professional edge, ‘Temporary’ is still as driven and empowered as ever, lashing out with a snarling blend of heavy guitars, thunderous drums, and Scott’s classic, unwavering vocals.

Musically, the song is classic blues-rock reborn, unashamedly pushing its way into the spotlight with a defiant howl and plenty of power. Electric guitars howl and carve out a massive central sound, creating their own thunderous melody while Leith’s drums explode throughout, laying down an unstoppable overarching sound. It hits hard and keeps on hitting, and as Scott’s vocals land, each chorus explodes with a striking touch of reverb, creating an all-eclipsing sound that is absolutely impossible to deny. Complete with a dynamic bass solo that seamlessly blends throughout the single, ‘Temporary’ is easily LS-Three at their very best.

Mixed and mastered by Adam Kiefel of Sonic Heaven Studios in Cessnock, the new single is a rare breed of track that isn’t just heard, it's felt. Tune in below via Spotify.

Elevating the band from pub rock battlers to true blues-rock titans, ‘Temporary’ is a massive turning point for LS-Three, and will undoubtedly be the single that brings them in from the fringes of the Australian rock scene and highlights them as true chart contenders. A massive aural assault that hits with a solid one-two of blues-rock anthemics, the new single perfectly builds on the raw, visceral sound of the band’s debut, taking everything that was good about LS-Three’s sound and pushing it to the next level.

Score: 8/10

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