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Lÿnx – 'Long Live Rock n' Roll’

  • 2 min read

It wasn’t too long ago that Calgary glam rock band Lÿnx unleashed their scorching, self-titled glam rock EP, revealing a scintillating rally of massive riffs and powerful vocals that went on to be their most anthemic release to date. A cataclysmic release that drew praise on both sides of the equator, ‘Lÿnx´ broke barriers and firmly put the band on the map. Now, the fourpiece of Lazer Wild, Blade, Fangs, and Flash are back, building on the momentum and lighting fires with the release of new EP titled ‘Long Live Rock N’ Roll’.

After teasing us with trailers and snippets, the fierce new EP finally came to our doors courtesy of the band and Bullzhorn Records, and we couldn’t be more impressed. Another bold six-track release, ‘Long Live Rock N’ Roll’ is the perfect follow-up to their self-titled release, bringing all the fire and fury of those first cuts, and building on them brilliantly. A dedicated onslaught that sees the band doubling down on their glam rock style to deliver a stellar mix of high-octane riffs and irresistible, shout out loud choruses.

Opening with the cataclysmic title track, title track ‘Long Live Rock n’ Roll’ delivers in droves, firing up the classic Lÿnx sound and paying tribute to the heavy sounds of ‘80s rock while also adding their own special twist. Bold, brazen, and built to overcome any obstacles, the title track is an immediate highlight. On second track ‘Irresistible’, the boys push the charm and intensity, creating a hot track that is all about getting the girl.

On the third track, the band revisit ‘Crazy Crazy World’, one of their breakaway hits from earlier this year and an absolute baptism of fire. Stitched together from a deadly stream of fast-paced tempos, wild vocals, and even a shredding guitar solo, it’s a massive track that hits all the right marks. As the second half of the EP arrives, Lÿnx don’t miss a beat, launching into a second volley of hard-hitting glam-rock anthems that keep on burning well into the small hours. Starting with ‘Red Rocket’, a sleazy rock gem that strikes hard with an undeniable funk, the EP builds to a climactic finish, ticking all the boxes of the classic sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll experience. Fifth track ‘Forged In Fire’ lives up to its name with plenty of power ballad brilliance, but it’s the band’s closing anthem, a modern take of Black Sabbath’s ‘Paranoid’ that really shines, paying tribute to the heavy metal legends while also putting their own visceral twist on a classic.

A brilliant release that perfect builds on the stage that their self-titled EP set, ‘Long Live Rock n’ Roll’ is a direct and unyielding ode to what rock music used to be. A release that’s not for the faint of heart, it’s bold, brash, and wonderfully brutal, landing as one of Lÿnx’s defining musical moments. Check out the new EP above via Spotify, and make sure you had to the band’s website where you can grab physical copies of all their current releases.

Score: 8/10

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