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Lÿnx – ‘Lÿnx’

  • 2 min read

In recent years, Calgary has become of the most quietly influential locations for new music, giving birth to acts like Tegan & Sara, Preoccupations, Fast Romantics, The Dudes and more. A city steeped in sprawling suburban areas and bustling downtown streets; it’s become a haven for sharp, creative talents who are eager to rebel against the mundane city experiences. One such act who are busily leading the charge is that of Lÿnx, a talented new band that formed during the recent global pandemic and are now poised to take on the world.

Armed with a powerful glam-rock sound cut straight from the ‘80s, Lÿnx have wasted little time in making their mark, breaking out with a quickfire eponymous EP that is sure to turn heads all across the globe. Written over the course of six months in 2020, the new EP is a sharp, explosive chronicle of the band’s time discovering their sound and cementing their direction, all while struggling with isolation, lockdowns, and not being able to tour and bring their music to the world.

Caught somewhere between classic glam metal and contemporary hard rock, there’s a lot to unpack in the six-track EP, and it all starts with the titanic opening track, ‘Shout Out Loud’. An instantly enjoyable cut that rallies around a familiar heavy rock aesthetic, the opening track is a bold revival of the sounds that made KISS so legendary. Brimming with confidence and undercut by dirty, rock’n’roll vibes, it’s a massive statement of intent that doesn’t pull any punches. Second cut, ‘It’s Time to Party’ come out swinging as well, living up to its title with a wild, sleazy sound, while ‘Rock N’ Roll Tonight’ illustrates the band’s passion and power through a massive surge of howling guitars and absolutely thunderous drums. It’s the third track that really defines the EP, cementing the band’s style while also proving their talents beyond any shadow of a doubt.

In the latter half of the release, ‘Hold Me Tonight’ opens up to be a more nuanced rock ballad, filling in the class rock archetype perfectly with softer pacing, evocative vocals, and an undeniable guitar solo, while ‘That’s All I Want’ shakes things up again, rallying around some massive riffs and powerful vocals to deliver the band’s most anthemic cut to date. As the EP reaches its end, Lÿnx has one final surprise in store, delivering a back-to-basics, rough-and-ready cover of Lewis Capaldi’s breakthrough hit, ‘Someone You Loved’.

A brilliant release that defies expectations and stays true to the band’s sound, ‘Lÿnx’ is the sound of a band finding their feet amongst turmoil and tragedy, and if they can find a way to channel the same brash energy into their debut album, then it’s going to be one hell of a wild ride.

Score: 8.5/10

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