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Mainline – ‘The Unholy Idol’

  • 2 min read

The visceral classic rock outfit of Johnny Iodice, Anthony Schettino, Devin Reck, and Mason Servedio, Mainline has been carving up the music scene since they dropped their cataclysmic, self-titled EP. Now, they’re back with their first full-length album, one that is sure to set fire to the music scene.

Taking lead from classic rock acts like Iron Maiden, KISS, and Metallic, the band’s debut comes in the form of ‘The Unholy Idol’, an expansive slice of unyielding hard rock that has dominated the airwaves ever since it dropped. Delivering a hard line of ten high-energy, caustic rock anthems that resonate with a dark undercurrent of raucous independent sounds, there’s never been an album quite like this.

Delivering a lavish bombardment of searing tracks like ‘Sanctum’, ‘The Red Line’, and lead single ‘The Unholy Idol’, Mainline’s debut album is everything we’ve come to expect from the band, and so much more. Built on a heavy cascade of thrashing instrumental, living vocals, and brutal solos that hit with untempered ferocity, the album is a gnarling, brutal take on classic rock revivals.

Speaking openly about the album, the band explained, “We cross contemporary with classic rock in a unique way; we have the aesthetic of a modern rock band, but our sound is rooted in rock history and reminiscent of the classic bands that everyone loves. It is all just part of who we are as rock fans and what we would want to see and hear from other rock artists in this era.”

Appealing to fans of classic rock and more contemporary alt-rock, Mainline have been able to capture the gritty, bloody energy of classic rock and repurpose it for the main age, shaking the foundations and fearlessly staying true to the sounds they love. While it’s easy to see their influences in songs like ‘Cold Sweat’ and ‘Out of Time’, the album also perfectly showcases their rough, signature sound, offering a dark, but undeniable glimpse into their future.

An album that simply can’t be denied, ‘The Unholy Idol’ is available now on all major platforms.

Score: 8/10

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