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Makélo – ‘Love Nwantiti (Remix)’

  • 2 min read

One night in early September of 2021, a friend of Chukwuka Ekweanim, better known by the musical moniker of CKay, showed him a clip of his song ‘Love Nwantiti’ being used in a TikTok challenge. After blowing up throughout Nigeria and a few other counties earlier in the year, CKay’s track broke in America, bringing with it a wave of fans and acclaim.

At its height, the song had become the Shazamed song in the world, charted in 160 countries, and been used in more than three million TikTok videos, earning a place in musical history and spawning countless remixes. Two years later, the shock waves of ‘Love Nwantiti’ are still being felt, with artists adding their own spin and style to the afrobeat anthem to create vibrant new releases that are just waiting to be discovered.

One of the most recent and arguably most exciting remixes of the track comes from France, with composer and DJ Makélo adding a brilliant EDM spin on things. Released independently just over a week ago, the new remix is a vibrant introduction to Makélo, showcasing his creativity with a polished reimagination of the modern classic.

While CKay’s original track was a vibrant afrobeat anthem that took him to be named the best-selling African artist in the US, Makélo’s remix transforms the track into a kaleidoscopic electronic cut, blending the neo-soul influences and intersecting rhythms with more pronounced synth sounds and some perfectly enhanced percussion. It’s a polished and easily enjoyable blend, taking the original energy of the track and dialling it up to new heights.

It’s an impressive feat when an artist or producer can revitalise a track and lay their own imprint upon it, while still paying due homage to the original, and that’s just what Makélo has been able to do with his remix. The changes are instantly noticeable, but CKay’s vocals and West African style still shine through as clear and present as ever. Available now on Soundcloud and YouTube, Makélo’s remix is hidden gem that you can discover below.

It’s always difficult to establish yourself as an artist, particularly when working with remixes and other’s artists’ songs, but Makélo has been able to do easily, carving out a mainstream sound that draws from the maelstrom of contemporary genres. Combining the best of CKay’s afrobeat style with modern pop expression and a dynamic EDM backbone, Makélo’s remix elevates the track perfectly, delivering a new and refreshing side that extends the legacy of the track, while also kickstarting his own.

Makélo, whose real name is Baptiste Arvilla, was born in June 2000 in France, and is a composer and DJ specialising in modern pop sounds. His remix of Makélo marks his debut release and sets a brilliant standard moving forward. For more from Makélo, make sure you follow him on Soundcloud and YouTube below, and be sure to add his remix to all your favourite playlists.

Score: 8/10

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