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Marcello Liverani – ‘Der Wanderer’

  • 2 min read

A talented composer, producer, and performer from Sardinia, Italy, Marcello Liverani’s music is a gorgeous blend of modern classical compositions, nuanced electronic music, and smooth ambient beats. Taking inspiration from his life and studies, Marcello has created a spacious and wonderfully personal sound that connects with listeners from all across the globe, and his latest release, the five-track EP of ‘Der Wanderer’, is as visceral and promising as any of his previous records.

Released exclusively under Believe Digital, the new EP is a heartfelt journey between classically inspired pieces and more innovative electronic beats, ‘Der Wanderer’ is dedicated to the timeless, solitary travellers who wander the world searching for something ephemeral.

Openly like a film in which a weary traveller returns home and recounts his harrowing journey, the EP is a perfect example of Marcello’s touching sound, creating an unfolding narrative that is staked perfectly by shifting melodies. In the opening piece of ‘Berceuse’, Marcello delivers an engaging, meditative piece that is simple, elegant, and utterly disarming. It’s a soft embrace that leads the new EP, and Marcello backs it up perfectly with enveloping sounds of ‘The Whale Chant’ and ‘Daydream Landscape’, two gorgeous pieces that are effortlessly led by lingering piano keys short and short bursts of emotive string sections.

In the latter half of the neo-classical odyssey, ‘North Pole’ delivers a stream of electronic beats that ebb and flow, creating a mystic crescendo that romanticizes the journey with timeless charm, while ‘Lamento (Monteverdi in Mind)’ breaths new life into the hidden spaces, combining stunning vocals with electronic interventions to create a soft, unfolding melody. It’s a beautiful and unassuming final moment, one that brings closure to the piece while also hinting at untold possibilities.

Arguably Marcello’s most endearing, vulnerable, and emotionally mature work so far, ‘Der Wanderer’ is a multi-faceted wonder, and it proves the timeless power of classical music with each and every breath.

Score: 8.5/10

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