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Marcus ‘M-Positive’ Parker – ‘I Choose Happy’

  • 2 min read

A motivational author, speaker, poet, and multifaceted musician with a penchant for uplifting hip-hop releases, Marcus ‘M-Positive’ Parker has spent the past decade bringing hope, joy and self-belief to his listeners. An Air Force veteran and certified life coach, Marcus began his journey back in 2004 with the release of his first book, ‘The Product’, and ever since he has become one of the most prominent and passionate figures in the self-help and motivational genres.

His latest release, and arguably one of his finest, ‘I Choose Happy’ is based on Marcus’ latest book, ‘Find the Lie and Fix the Problem’, which has arrived as a clever tool for emotional healing. Combining a unique lyrical flow with wisdom that Marcus has gleaned over the years, the new single is a passionate hip-hop ballad that tells all to always choose happiness in life, no matter what trials it might bring.

Produced by the legendary Beat Masta Wes, everything about ‘I Choose Happy’ is built to calm and inspire, combining modern hip-hop with charming emotional moments to create a bright and undeniable piece of music. Glistening with truth and heart, the single see Marcus delivering a perfect stream of poetic words, laying down his mission and pushing to create new hope while all around him lavish instrumentals ebb and flow, driving the song forward with light, flickering tones, calculated beats, and joyous electronic tones. It’s an impressive style, one that is undeniably upbeat and perfectly reflective of Marcus’ mission to inspire.

An impressive new single that cuts across all age groups, genders, and religious or political bias, ‘I Choose Happy’ shines with a truly universal sound, bringing to light a wonderfully personal message for every listener, whether they’re a fan of hip-hop or not.

A titan of the industry and the founding author of motivational rap, Marcus has spent years refining his sound, and on his new single, he’s proven that he’s still at the forefront of the genre. You can stream the full single above via Spotify, or catch it all major platforms by clicking here.

Score: 8/10

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