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Maria Manuel - 'Sanctuary'

  • 2 min read

A modern pop luminary from the bustling, grey heart of London, Maria Manuel has delivered a gorgeous, deeply evocative slice of soul with new single 'Sanctuary'.

An undeniable new cut that sees the rising pop sensation fully showcasing her vocal versatility, 'Sanctuary' is a sublime blend of contemporary soul and RnB spice. Built around mellow synth-pop tones that hark back to vibrant 80s melodies, Maria's latest single glistening with potential, layering honeyed harmonies with perfectly curated melodies. Cutting her teeth as a producer, singer, and songwriter, Maria delivers an enchanting sound that is swathed-in-shimmering-reverb instrumentals, crashing crescendos, and strident, arresting notes. It's an effect that puts Maria's vocals and lyrics on point, heightening their potency and bringing it all to life in a flash of sound and colour.

After feeling a strong connection to music from a young age, Maria found her voice and distinctive musical style while her passion for music evolved. Her career highlights include playing for BBC Introducing Live and her seminal single, 'Happy Place', being in heavy rotation on Amazing Radio. The same single also saw her become a semi-finalist in a UK and International songwriting competition.

To date, Maria has released seven singles, all of which have received a rapturous reception from industry tastemakers and pop fans alike. Further into her career, she was selected by the Electric Noir Studio, and her single True has featured on the videogame, Unmasked, which has been marketed in 175 countries worldwide.

A stunning extension of her sound, 'Sanctuary' is a rare release that will hit from all angles, capturing your heart, soul, and mind in a flash of soulful sounds and bright melodies. It's a song that showcases her talents in perfect form and shows that when it comes to modern soul and glistening pop, she's on a level of her own.

Score: 9/10

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