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Martina Armour – ‘On the Run’

  • 2 min read

For the past seven months, we’ve been eagerly awaiting new music, lapping up singles like ‘Trouble’ and ‘Knife’ with glee and constantly crying out for more. While the promise of her debut EP has kept us going, it’s nothing compared to the release of ‘On the Run’, Martina’s third single to date.

Recorded at The Village Studios in Los Angeles, the new single sees Martina returning to work with producer and engineer Alexander Williams, the wizard behind the keys that helped make ‘Knife’ so enchanting. A classically subdued and evocative piece, ‘On the Run’ fades into views the heavy strikes of a piano key, breaking the silence with a solitary string of notes that perfectly builds the single’s atmosphere. It’s a powerful and wonderfully evocative sound, one that lays a perfect foundation for Martina’s vocals, delving deep into the heart of the track with an honest and emotive sound that is pure bliss to hear.

Armed with a slow-building melody that captures Martina’s dark folk sounds in perfect form, ‘On the Run’ shifts between bold verse and soaring choruses, blending vibrant pop sounds with timeless folk atmospherics and a deft sense of vulnerability. It’s a moving effect, one that’s perfectly placed to emphasise the fragility of the track, and Martina’s vocals do so well to carry the weight of the piece. With a final flourish, ‘On the Run’ comes to a perfect end, leaving you with a sense of triumph and undeniable want to start the track again.

As with Martina’s previous singles, ‘On the Run’ strength lies in the human touches and emotive flourishes, delivering a universal musical appeal and an undeniable sense of hope. In her own words, Martina has said that she always strives to be brutally honest but to also add some sort of hope to her songs, and with ‘On the Run’, she’s done just that, bringing drama, depth, and melody in droves.

Available now, ‘On the Run’ proves that Martina is one of this generation's great talents and builds our excitement for the release of her EP tenfold. Stream it above via Spotify and be sure to follow Martina on her social media pages below so you never miss a release.

Score: 8.5/10

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