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An innovative new artist who has been hailed as the future’s Joan Jett, MASK ANATOMICA is a true and undeniable musical force. Starting out as a session vocalist for various producers and rock bands, the elusive and wonderfully intriguing artist has crafted a short, but wonderfully eventful career so far, winning over motorcycle gangs in biker bars and staying committed to evolving as an artist and performer. After making her mark with debut single ‘Let Me Out’ in 2019, MASK ANATOMICA has continued to impress, branching out and creating a devastating future pop anthem in the aptly titled ‘Rising’.

The sophomore release from MASK ANATOMICA, and the first glimpse of her highly anticipated EP of the same name, ‘Rising’ extends MASK ANATOMICA’s core value or unadulterated, unapologetic autonomy while also outlining a unique story set in a distant galaxy.

Built on dynamic disco-pop vocals that shine with soul and nuanced future sounds, everything about ‘Rising’ is built to inspire, laying down a unique soundscape that grabs your attention and then pulls you into MASK ANATOMICA’s sharp creative world. Caught between gnarly, shape-shifting rock and heavy EDM, the single is a cataclysmic slice of dystopic avant-gardism, setting fire to the mainstream and filling the void with a rolling, semi-industrial piece that borrows elements from an eclectic list of styles and genres. Stitching together post-punk, dance-pop, and gritty rock, the single is a rough-and-ready cascade of sounds, one that will knock you down and then wash over you with a relentless, impossible and utterly brilliant sound.

Speaking about the new single, MASK ANATOMICA explained the story and inspiration behind it, saying, “’Rising’ is about rebellion; It is a song about challenging and changing the status quo – whatever that might be for people at that moment.” Alongside the single, MASK ANATOMICA has also revealed a new video, leading with the caption, “In a distant galaxy, Rebels must rise to the growing threat of an addictive synthetic drug manufactured through human harvesting.”

Bringing an anarchist touch of cyberpunk to the modern scene, MASK ANATOMICA has not just changed the game, she’s burnt it to the ground and built something new, fresh, and entirely her own. Filled with heavy lyrics, galvanising electro-punk beats and a dynamic contrast between the harsh instrumental tones and her vibrant disco soul vocals, ‘Rising’ is a rare release that will challenge everything.

Score: 9/10

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